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Travel insurance abroad

Travel insurance abroad - Forums [Biker Match] Travel insurance abroad - Forums [Biker Match]
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Travel insurance abroad

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When riding a motorbike does any one know of a company that includes you when your touring abroad on your motorbike?
So i need insurance to cover the usual things that can happen.
Going to Sweden so shouldn't get a stomach upset lol

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philgs1000 @ 17/05/2024 21:37  

Its a few years since we last toured abroad, but I can remember we used to take out a separate insurance policy to cover us and it wasn't particularly cheap.
Our standard bike insurance only covered us third party outside the UK, so it would have kept us legal didn’t touch the medical or bike repatriation that we wanted.
Fortunately we never needed any of it.
How much you spend depends on your risk appetite 🙂

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Steve_H @ 18/05/2024 07:22  

Hi I’m on a tour just now in Sardinia I got green card insurance for European countries recovery to garage vehicle hire if you have breakdown through Swinton they been really good I broke down In Sardinia stone through the radiator be fixed for Friday 24/05/24 hope this help
Medical insurance read all the small print properly some arnt worth only cover small part of your trip home buyer be ware I looked Ioads

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Scottishpoj @ 22/05/2024 13:07  

Defo be careful reading carefully the small print re engine size etc

A friend & his wife had an off a couple of years ago whilst on holiday. He hired a scooter and had a major off. They were both injured and if crowd funding hadn’t taken place they would have been in a sticky situation.

They had to pay for all sorts of things in order to get home. Including medical staff, transport etc etc

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Lindsay @ 22/05/2024 14:46  

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