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Tyre Repair Nail

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Tyre Repair Nail

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Anyone tried one of these?
Are they any good and is it a permanent or temporary fix?

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Ragnar @ 30/03/2023 18:13  

Don't know how good they are, but I've bought a packet anyway. They look like heavy duty plastic self-tapping screws with a Phillips head and some sort of coating, presumably adhesive. If one works as a get-you-home device it'll have been worth the money.

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Wills @ 30/03/2023 19:25  

I have not seen those but I use a tyre plugger kit always had good results. I think its an oxford product

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JP @ 31/03/2023 04:06  

Ive bought myself a couple of packs, one for each bike.
They do look so quick to use it had to be done.

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Ragnar @ 01/04/2023 16:52  

Yes there great to carry Ive only had to use it once but very quick fix

   Update Reply
JP @ 01/04/2023 16:54  

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