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Future of Biking

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Hi everyone, topic probably covered but, unless I have missed something there seems to be a growing creeping policy to get rid of bikes?
The whole fuel thing seems like we have been thrown under the bus and I'm wondering what will happen to our "classic" petrol bikes (i'e real) bikes when the petrol ban comes into force?
Surely, another topic maybe, there must be a synthetic substitute for petrol being looked at?All the infrastructure (pumps etc.) is in place around the world to swap over?
Bikes are supposed to look like bikes and the look of the bike is around that glorious engine not some Duracell battery!!
Am I missing something or are we sleep walking into a controlled oblivion? Apologies if this is already covered somewhere else!

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Deleted Member @ 17/12/2022 09:37  

As long as there is money to be made there will still be petrol available, just keep filling up.

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Deleted Member @ 17/12/2022 22:51  

I wouldn't get to hung up on the controlled thing Zoso or you'll end up falling down the Q-Paranoid rabbit hole 😁

Joking aside there is quite a lot going on about synthetic fuels, the raw materials are common enough and synthetic fuels might be the only solution for long haul flights.
The catch is it takes a lot more energy to manufacture synthetic fuel than you get out which makes it very expensive.
Another option might be to go E100 with renewable ethanol, but that would need a lot of fields growing fuel not crops and again its expensive. You can buy bio-fuel for about £3.50 a litre, but if you are using it for fuel there will be tax on top of that.

I'm sure alternatives will become available for infernal combustion engines but most people will go electric because it will be cheaper and more readily available.

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Steve_H @ 18/12/2022 07:51  

Bikes are finished just as soon as the leaders can legislate them to destruction. The current motorcycle test is illustrative of this....ridiculous in its mis - administration. I hope I wont be around to witness it, but feel the end of motorcycles is inevitable. Oh, Hapoy Christmas everyone 😂

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Deleted Member @ 25/12/2022 07:07  

The legislation does look like it's focused on only allowing battery EV power to be allowed in the future but I have faith in a future where Synthetic fuels will have a role to play in a World where there will be different technologies, not just one.

If battery EV was the only & best means of powering vehicles in the future, major companies such as Shell, BP, Bosch, Porsche etc, would not be spending hundreds of millions on developing Synthetic fuels.

Synthetic fuels achieve net zero carbon by extracting carbon dioxide from the air and then using electrolysis to create fuels for burning in combustion engines.
The vehicles do then emit carbon dioxide but this is then extracted again to create more Synthetic fuel.
With electrical power used in the process being provided by wind & solar, the whole process is net carbon zero.

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Coffee n Cake @ 27/12/2022 16:19  

Ride. Refuel. Repeat.

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NiccBE @ 22/01/2024 09:57  

I can see super fit folk with all the moter bikeing gear on crash hat etc running push bikes with umpteen gears and a peg with carbord atached stuk in the spokes for noise
And the pedels customised
No emisions
Coz itl cost too much to fill up an recharge by the time youv got to the front of the que itl be dark an you might just make it home but only might

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havfun @ 28/01/2024 10:00  

It's not just two wheels that are being threatend, it's vehicle ownership in general, our freedoms and choices on many aspects, from using cash, eating meat to flying abroad. Why do so many people still refuse to see all this despite the fact that Klaus Schwab and co openly talk about all the aspects of their Great Reset agenda!
I researched their plan over 4 years ago now, back then it were not so easy to find all the details, now it's so easy.

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Addicted to bikes @ 31/01/2024 12:05  

MAG are trying to do something to protect the users of two wheels but it don't look good does it?

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Addicted to bikes @ 31/01/2024 12:10  

There will be fuel available at a cost for us dinosaurs, the kids will go electric, and not know the difference.

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Ibb0 @ 01/03/2024 13:31  

My thoughts entirely Ibb0

It is interesting (slightly off topic) the changes to the grants available for a home charger for plug-in electric vehicles.

And I quote

"You can get 75% off the cost to buy and install a socket, up to a maximum of £350.
You can apply for this grant if you either:
- own and live in a flat
- rent any residential property (this includes properties under the shared ownership scheme)
You must own an eligible vehicle and your home must have its own private off-street parking space."

So how many of you have private parking with your owned flat or rented a property? 🤔

Now the good news, this might work for bikes. Lots of small terrace houses are rented out and have a back yard that is big enough for a bike - every rule has a loophole.

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Steve_H @ 02/03/2024 08:10  

Why won't the masses wake up and see that there is a much bigger agenda going on here? It's not like it's being hidden any more, all the details can easily be found on the WEF website for a start!

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Addicted to bikes @ 11/03/2024 11:13  

Is it because the world isn't like you're being told and the masses are right?

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Steve_H @ 11/03/2024 11:57  

You could be on to something there Steve 👍🤣🤣🤣

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Strom67 @ 11/03/2024 19:29  

Sadly the masses have proven to be stupid, they fell for the whole covid thing, took the EXPERIMENTAL jabs etc for a start. They can't even be bothered to do some research, to see that they have been lied to,...the Great Reset Agenda is a REAL plan that's being pushed by the WEF for crying out loud!


Is it because the world isn't like you're being told and the masses are right?...

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Addicted to bikes @ 21/03/2024 18:55  

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