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Hi All,

Looking for some advice.

I currently ride a 2007 Suzuki Intruder.
However, looking to trade up to a newer bike.
Found a Suzuki V Strom 2020 and wanted to knw if there is anyone who has owned and can advise on the V Strom?

Many thanks

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RealTrueGod @ 26/11/2022 12:39  

Strange though it may seem, I have a 2019 650xt. It is super reliable so far and does everything I want it to do.. averagely. Quite economical and 216kg is OK until you drop it on your ankle. The 1050 is heavier and thirstier but ultimately does everything else a little bit better I believe. I have been lookin to change mine for a year but can't find anything that does better without a compromise 👍

P. S. I do wish it had cruise control

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Strom67 @ 26/11/2022 15:46  

Thanks Strom67 for your feedback.
I think i'd be daft not to take advantage of the deal.
2020 plate/1200cc/back box and panniers/blutooth speakers/13000 miles £6995 before trade in of my 07 Intruder.

The only thing niggling at me is that there was a 2014 Honda Africa next to it for the same price?
Instantly makes you think that there is something wrong with the V Strom or are they just less popular than the Africa hence the price difference? Given that it's 2020 I would have thought another 2/3k at least!?

After looking at some reviews though I think i'm gonna take the punt cause I really like the look of the bike

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RealTrueGod @ 26/11/2022 16:04  

It wont have 1200cc, if it's the 1050 its 1043cc👍
It will be noticeably cheaper than an Africa Twin as they are £5k more to buy. If it is the base model not the XT there might be lots of features missing as well 🤔

Make sure it has a centre stand👍

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Strom67 @ 26/11/2022 19:37  

I also have a 1989 bobber intruder, but after a V strom 1000 :-) , due to wanting to do more milage and have an bike that can cope with all weathers. I am almost at the stage of fuck it lets buy one. need to be patient though. There is a review I think its on Devit insurance site where they do a ride demo.

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Bikerdude2009 @ 02/03/2023 07:43  

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