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Motorcycle News

Death of Simon (aka Potnoodles). Funeral escort request

Death of Simon (aka Potnoodles). Funeral escort request - Forums [Biker Match] Death of Simon (aka Potnoodles). Funeral escort request - Forums [Biker Match]
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Death of Simon (aka Potnoodles). Funeral escort request

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A couple of weeks ago I received the news that we have sadly lost Simon (aka Potnoodles).

Kaz shared the news recently that Simon had passed, something Marsha and I still find truely hard to even comprehend.

Simon was a wonderful person as I'm sure many of you will remember.

I hadn't posted the news here earlier as I didn't feel it was my place to do so. Kaz has since confirmed it's ok to share publicly now.

Many of you many remember the 4th KISS rally back in 2014 where he and Kaz (aka Littlefecker) got married. It was a wondeful event for a beautiful couple. I remember it like it was yesterday, all in fancy dress (see photos here: )

On Facebook Kaz has asked if fellow bikers could form an escort for Si's funeral on 25th November in Sheffield. A link to the event on BM is here to add your name:

There's a link in the BM event to the FB event.

Simon, buddy, rest in peace mate. You will never be forgotten!
Kaz, stay strong and much love from all your family here at BM. xx

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Matt @ 30/10/2022 15:48  

So sorry to read this.
Big hugs to Kaz, and all family and friends.

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izzyhill @ 30/10/2022 15:55  

Such sad news about Pots (Simon). Thinking of you and the family Kaz.

May he live long in memories of friends and family.

Ride in Peace

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Lindsay @ 30/10/2022 17:17  

So sad to be reading this, i remember the wedding it was a lovely occasion.
Thinking of you Kaz and all family and friends

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Cruiser gal @ 31/10/2022 17:21  

Sorry to read that Simon has passed away. I have lost enough friends to know how it feels. I will be in Spain at my MC's clubhouse but hope that Kaz's day for Simon goes respectfully. My heartfelt feelings go out to Jaz and family and friends.

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Deleted Member @ 01/11/2022 15:02  

Such sad news.
My condolences to Kaz and their family.

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Sandi @ 07/11/2022 06:24  

Hi bmrs, me and riggy 66 aka anita are going to the funeral ,, were staying at the royal hotel in dungsworth, (ye where ??), any way just wondering if any other bmrs who are there are going would like to share a taxi to the wake from the hotel , I'll be hopefully biking it so ditching that to get to the wake . Pm me if interested cheers marty . Ps. Sorry to hear the news of simons passing . He was a good guy , met him a few times last time In Scotland, condolences to kaz x

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EMDEE @ 20/11/2022 14:58  

Pots (Simon's) funeral was well attended, the service at the crematorium was simple, and full of love for Simon, Kaz and their wider family and friends

Some tears shed, but lots of smiles too. He truly touched the hearts of those who knew him.

Onwards and forever sidewards.

Ride Free Pots x

Kaz, if you need anything just shout out and I'm sure there will be plenty of BMers willing to help you out.

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Lindsay @ 25/11/2022 20:18  

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