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Looking to pick the brains of you guys who know what you're talking about. Comms systems? I've been advised to get Cardo bold so I can connect up if a group of us are out. Saw the price 😲 wow!!! Or is that standard whatever brand you opt for? What do people recommend? Do most systems link in together or is it worth saving up for the Cardo? Thank you x

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Deleted Member @ 06/09/2022 11:20  

Who advised you? The group you plan to ride with who ALL use Cardo PackTalk already?
If that's the case then, maybe, there's some justification for getting the same as them - it makes things a little bit easier; if not, you'll find that most comms will talk to each other but there are limits to numbers, range, extras etc.
We started with Interphone Tour then got Sena SRL's integrated in new lids and the Sena still hooked up with a pal using the Interphone, but none of them is exactly cheap.

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izzyhill @ 06/09/2022 13:34  

Hi Izzyhill, yeah one of the group I'm hoping to ride with has Cardo but the others have a mix of systems. It's not a massive group either. Six max so far. Cheers for the info. I have no clue on most of this stuff.

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Deleted Member @ 06/09/2022 14:11  

Google is your friend, ask and you'll get half a dozen best-buys and lots of reviews, you just have to take some with a pinch of salt and look at user reviews on buying pages. If you have one or two particular pals in the group that you reckon you'll mostly ride with then go with what they've got and don't discount second hand, you can buy new microphones/speakers.

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izzyhill @ 06/09/2022 15:31  

Will do. Thanks 🙂

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Deleted Member @ 06/09/2022 19:34  

I have got the Cardo Bold and so have rest of group - 9 altogether. I have found these a great upgrade to the original G9 and G9x Cardo systems. They connect really easy once you set up group on app. Expensive - yes. Worth it - Yes. You can connect to other Cardo units like the G9x with the Cardo Bold - but can be fiddly to sort out, the cheapest way we found to buy the units is buying them in pairs as in the double pack and splitting the units and cost - saves a lot of dosh. Hope this helps.

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Eezyrider @ 06/09/2022 20:53  

Thanks Eezy. Yes think that's my plan, save up the pennies and go for the Cardo Bold. x

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Deleted Member @ 07/09/2022 19:44  

Recently purchased a Cardo Edge with a mate getting the same thing. Plus points: range, clarity and connectivity between units has been really good as is battery life. The air mount is nice but not really necessary. The downsides so far is you need at least android 6 to be able to use the app might even be 7 , only have a phone on 5 and one on 7. The one on 5 can't get the right version of the cardo app. The app itself is pretty poor IMHO. We've had more than a few problems with the app failing to connect to a unit despite a rapid Bluetooth connection to the phone. The music app is laughable. The native one doesn't even allow you to choose which folder to search so it just finds every sound file on your phone including alarms and voice texts. Don't even hope you can do anything more complex like album shuffle. You can choose a different player or use Google assistant but with a different player you lose voice control and not everyone wants to use Google assistant or siri. The speed dial function is useless. It allows you to add up to, I think 5 (might be 4) but voice control will only call the first one. Since it's now illegal to touch your phone when driving it's hopelessly unsophisticated. Again you can use assistants but I don't wish to and for such a premium price tag the quality of the native software is pathetic. It's also frustrating that you can't open the app and make changes without having it connected to the unit. Hence my current inability to check whether it's 4 or 5 speed dial slots. Voice control can also be pretty variable, some rides it's faultless, others, some commands just don't function, next ride it can be another one that doesn't but the previous unresponsive one does. Documentation is pretty skimpy and there's nothing back from the unit to assist in diagnosing why the thing is not playing ball.To top it off the cheeky sods include a note saying "please don't slag our products until you've spoken to customer support" but then don't respond when you email them. Overall a nice upgrade from the £25 Chinese knock offs we were using but considering the price, overall a disappointment. My only hope is that future software updates fix the issues.

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Ric Ochet @ 05/10/2022 18:06  

Never really understood the need to talk to people while riding, I only use comms for Sat Nav.

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Tezza1958 @ 08/10/2022 12:24  

No point in trying to talk to you Tezza, you'd be out of range in no time 🤣🤣🤣

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Strom67 @ 08/10/2022 12:26  

Eyes on the road ahead of me Tezza, priceless if also used with caution ⚠️ 🤔

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izzyhill @ 08/10/2022 18:20  

Hi there, I have the Packtalk Bold and I bought it on Amazon in the last few weeks. It's been reduced recently and Amazon let me pay in 5 instalments. Not sure if thats because I have Amazon Prime, but it's fab, you can communicate with others in the group and Nav pipes up if you're leading. I love it.

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Eastendpromise @ 11/10/2022 11:26  

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