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Touring bike

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Touring bike

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Am stilll looking for a touring bike but not expensive bike

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valentino19 @ 13/03/2022 09:05  

Any bike can be a touring bike; I've met people who have toured to Italy and back on a sports bike!

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TT1050 @ 13/03/2022 14:01  

Still plenty on Autotrader under £1500, even a few under £1k, but you will need to be prepared to travel.

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Steve_H @ 13/03/2022 17:13  

Where are you planning on touring? Uk? … Europe? Mileage ? Duration?
As many members on here have more than one bike … but would be uncomfortable loaning one out …
What is your maximum budget ?
Stafford m/c do a buy back scheme and I’m sure other dealers do too ..
You can also rent a bike for a week by looking online but although not cheep the bikes are new and varied…
I have loaned a bike out in the past to a good friend but there were certain conditions attached.. large deposit…number of days etc

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anytwowheels @ 16/03/2022 00:22  

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