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Electronic confidence

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Electronic confidence

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Sold my 2019 speed triple today. I was concerned it would break down again due to rain getting in wiring loom.
Always amuses me that the manual states to cover handlebars with bags before washing. This on a bike that has rain mode :)
Are these electronics (rider aids) necessary????
If they are should there be two tests one for older non assisted bikes (real bikes) and one for the hard of riding requiring rider aids ?

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Deleted Member @ 23/11/2021 22:17  

Some things like ABS are literally a life saver, traction control is handy to have, others are a bit "because we can".
But we're also in the world of 200bhp+ superlightweight machines that need all the riding tech to keep them on the road (although I'm sure Pricilla will be along shortly to announce he always turns everything off cos he's just soooo good).
As for Android / Apple links, lean angle monitors, cruise control etc I'm quite happy without them.
I don't even like using a sat nav unless I have to, although I do use my phone maps to reorient myself when I get lost. But getting lost is half the fun.

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Steve_H @ 24/11/2021 08:07  

Good point on the ABS. I had a rocket 3 with no ABS. That was a challenge in the wet.
I see the 200BHP spec on many new machines, but we had haybusas, blackbird and ZX12 back in day with no electronics.
just seems like we introduce points of failure for no other reason but to sell bikes and I guess a lot is to do with emission control.

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Deleted Member @ 24/11/2021 10:54  

My 19 plate xt has electronic suspension by the time i have figger out how to change it everone is back from the ride out massive waste of time and money. It just keeps us paying for a service that on a normal bike we could do ourselves

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JP @ 24/11/2021 11:35  

TBH I think ABS is a valuable addition, I experienced it on an R1100RT on the wet. Anything else doesn't really make sense to me.
I have a ZZ-R1100, there's no aids there. If one screws up, one just does. I got it 10 years later than I wanted, cause the first time I got on top of one I understood I was too young and stupid the moment I started it.

The thing is, respect. If one is not ready for a 1KG:1HP machine, then one should either not ride it, or ride it with respect and learn.

> I don't even like using a sat nav unless I have to, although I do use my phone maps to reorient myself when I get lost. But getting lost is half the fun.
I can't start to describe the joy of wandering around country roads and getting to know different beautiful places just because of not using a GPS.

Regarding the two tests, as driver/rider aids make it easier to use the vehicles, I would agree the license training should change and the same way there are licenses for AUTO drivers and MANUAL drivers, there should be proper training for vehicle control and said licenses for both all vehicles.

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MidnightSpecial @ 25/11/2021 12:24  

My Strom XT has ABS and my view is that it's there 'just in case'. If I never trigger it, great. If I make a cock up or someone else does, it's there to save me.. no harm in having a back up. It has traction control that I leave in TC1.. I have no reason to turn it off and if I'm riding in heavy rain I'm not going to ring the throttle 🤣

No Sat Nav.. too busy watching the road!

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Strom67 @ 27/11/2021 12:06  

At sensible velocities, in a real world situation...simplest is best. ABS at excess speeds in a motor way situation is without question a bonus..but you must remember that your average speed will be much lower

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Deleted Member @ 01/12/2021 22:46  

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