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Hey iv been snooping about ebay. gumtree. done deal.etc looking for a nice wee bobber is there any other Web pages unbeknownst to me that any of use could let me in on.kinda scunard trawling the internet getting nowhere fast. Any enlightenment wud be gratefuli received.

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Deleted Member @ 04/10/2021 21:48  

If not seen maybe summat 🤔®ion=&S=Search

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yorkie mick @ 05/10/2021 00:35  

Il have a wee snoop. Thanks yorkie mick👍

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Deleted Member @ 05/10/2021 08:58  

Ebay spares it repairs is worth a look..

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Deleted Member @ 05/10/2021 23:27  

Thank you ☺️

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Deleted Member @ 06/10/2021 08:36  

Try Back Street Heros (Still a monthly Chopper Mag I believe) that always had classifieds in it / on it's web site.

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richie203 @ 22/10/2021 15:41  

Sorry Meant to add link

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richie203 @ 22/10/2021 15:45  

Hi Racefit, what's your budget? The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is under £4000 new and would make the basis of a bobber.

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ChrisA63 @ 31/10/2021 07:09  

Thanks folks for Imput. Seen some nice bikes over the past while. Just bagging one now is the thing. After January now I'd imagine. No big sweat on as have a we one atm. 🤗

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Deleted Member @ 26/11/2021 20:19  

Update.Lol Got sorted with a newbie👍👍

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Deleted Member @ 14/12/2021 19:53  

Hi.I would like find good partner.I like adventure and freedoom!👍🏍😎

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TheNordSniper @ 25/12/2021 02:38  

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