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Technical Motorbike Help

Tenere stuck coils

Tenere stuck coils - Forums [Biker Match] Tenere stuck coils - Forums [Biker Match]
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Tenere stuck coils

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It is that time....
Airbox off easy. Coil sticks 2 and 4 out easy.
Coils 1 and 3. Stuck. Very, very stuck. WD40 - no joy. Plus gas - no joy. More plus gas - still no joy. Several days later I'm getting annoyed and find myself in the shed with a pry bar and hammer.
This is not a good thing so I've shoved Big10 to the back of the garage where it can stay in disgrace till winter when it becomes either a successful winter project or a bonfire.
Bastard of a thing 👿

This means I'll be on either the ZimmerBlade or Scootie for the foreseeable future.

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Steve_H @ 29/07/2021 10:21  

Funny thing is, I was talking to one of the local bike mechanics the other days and he was calling Tenere coils for all sorts, too. Apparently it's a known problem.

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Wills @ 29/07/2021 12:15  

Steve if you have an air compressor try and get a short length of metal brake pipe fitted in the end try to slid it down the side of the coil or puncture the rubber water seal and try to blow the cap off.

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JP @ 29/07/2021 17:48  

Wills, yes it is indeed a known thing. A bit of a design faux pas by Yamaha on the Mk 1 version.

JP, I've already started dismembering the rubber seal on No 3 with a plan to hook it all out and see if I can free the coil that way.
But to do this properly I need working space in case it evolves into stripping down more and more of the bike - that's why I'm leaving it till winter. Then I will have the space (when I get her gardening stuff out of the operating theatre) and the time when the weather is too crap to ride.

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Steve_H @ 29/07/2021 19:31  

Had similar issue with mine. Easing fluid and gently rotation with grips got it. The metal part around the coil was in bad state so left it off and its done several thousand miles since without the metal on 1 coil. I then also had trouble getting hardened material loose from around plug to get spanner on it. Long screwdriver and airline sorted it. Probably from running through wet salt pans! Seemed like a good idea at the time 😋 Good luck.

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Dove @ 03/08/2021 09:23  

Thanks for that Dove. I realise it's going to be a sod of a job, but that that winter is for 😆

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Steve_H @ 03/08/2021 19:33  

Go Scootie !!!!

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SlowGoose @ 19/08/2021 16:37  

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