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don't order from Louis-moto

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don't order from Louis-moto

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About a month ago I ordered an expensive armored hoodie from Louis Motorcycle shop ( who offered fast delivery. Well right now they sitting on my money, the package is lost, DHL is saying it takes a month to investigate, the shop says they won't refund me until they have the hoodie back. Absolutely unacceptable, they stole my money at this point, any time I ask for a refund they just ignore it, and they think it's okay that I have to wait months for something. Anybody has any idea how can I get my money back?
Also, don't order from this shop!!!

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Davina @ 25/06/2021 08:23  

I would say the problem is with DHL and not Louis Motorcycle shop.

It's DHL that hasn't done their part and the shop only has your word that it wasn't received until DHL have done their investigation.

However if you have paid via paypal or credit card they may be able to help.

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Ragnar @ 25/06/2021 10:48  

they have more than my word because DHL website shows it's in the depot and has not been delivered yet, I tried to get my money from DHL but because I am not the sender only louis motor can ask for money back, hence they need to refund me
anyway you have 30 days money-back guarantee so they should honor their word and its the least they give the money back

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Davina @ 25/06/2021 11:10  

Sounds like a brexit balls up as they are in Hamburg! We are having probs getting/sending to Germany at work at the mo. Your contract is with louis moto so dhl wont refund you but if you phone them and good luck with that ask to speak to a supervisor, that helps. Louis moto absolutely should refund you as they have broken their contract with you. We are finding these things get kicked around the depot for ages then get released eventually but thats no use to you.

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KTMPhil61 @ 25/06/2021 11:57  

Phone your bank they should refund you straight away and they investigate with the company
You’ll get your money back 😊😊

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Limeninja0121 @ 25/06/2021 12:12  

Sounds more like a Brexit-related problem. Wait 'til it arrives and you have to pay import duty.......
This is the new reality.

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Cupid Stunt @ 25/06/2021 21:25  

End of the day you paid for an item that hasnt arrived so contract broken. Citizens advice should be able to help you

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JP @ 26/06/2021 08:41  

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