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Roundabout wobblies

Roundabout wobblies - Forums [Biker Match] Roundabout wobblies - Forums [Biker Match]
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Roundabout wobblies

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Why is it when your approaching a mini roundabout attempting a you turn, you crap yourself at that car that approaching brakes at the last minute, causing you to put your foot down like that time when you tried a figure of 8 on your CBT 🙈

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Deleted Member @ 09/05/2021 21:09  

What's a CBT?

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Cupid Stunt @ 09/05/2021 22:29  

Ahh, life before 1990 😄

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Deleted Member @ 10/05/2021 05:31  

Approach the roundabout slower, that way you more time to see where the car is going and what they are planning to do.

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Ragnar @ 10/05/2021 06:57  

I was Ragner, He came flying round a blind bend, surprised he saw the roundabout sign tbf

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Deleted Member @ 10/05/2021 12:53  

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