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Motorcycle Electrics - Help Required

Motorcycle Electrics - Help Required - Forums [Biker Match] Motorcycle Electrics - Help Required - Forums [Biker Match]
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Motorcycle Electrics - Help Required

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Hi, anyone got any knowledge of wiring loom on Z1000 (2004)

Daughter is experiencing difficulties with bike. Bike starts in Neutral. Cuts out when dropped into first. Side stand switch has been bypassed. She seems to think it maybe the starter lockout switch/starter relay.

Is there anyone near Sheffield who knows about these things and is able to help?

Please contact me asap. She needs bike for work.

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Lindsay @ 27/04/2021 18:26  

If it starts and runs OK untill it is in gear it's not the starter relay so recheck the side stand switch

   Update Reply
JP @ 27/04/2021 19:03  

What JP says. Check that the two wires from the loom that go to the switch are connected securely together (ie, shorting the switch)

   Update Reply
Cupid Stunt @ 27/04/2021 19:33  

This happened to a friend ,the wires to the side stand switch had caught the fan somehow ,make sure there no bare wires touching frame

   Update Reply
zx12r ninja 03 @ 27/04/2021 19:44  

Also check the switch is disconnecting correctly ,if the stand doesn't go up all the way this can cause it

   Update Reply
zx12r ninja 03 @ 27/04/2021 19:48  

Thanks for your comments guys 👍🏻. I will pass them on to her. Much appreciated.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 27/04/2021 21:42  

Hello Lindsay, we've met up at Squires, how has the side stand switch been bypassed. I'm in Sheffield and have some test gear if she's not been sorted yet.

   Update Reply
Bassman60 @ 17/06/2021 20:41  

Hey, how's you? Long time
no see, change of name eh?

The problem is now resolved, (Nick spoke to her over the phone and she then sorted the issue) thank you for offering. I'm sorry I should have mark the thread as "job jobbed!"

Many thanks once again Nick for pointing her in the right direction. 👍🏻😁

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 17/06/2021 20:55  

Hi All,

What I do is make a short piece of wire up with the same type connectors, IE, bullet type or spade type, and carry this either in my jacket pocket as in my case as I have more than one bike, or just pop it under your seat.
If you have a problem with the switch just disconnect the switch and plug in your piece of wire to bypass it.

Also. I have done this in the past when my electric cooling fan switch went faulty.

MUST STRESS Only do this as a temporary get home hack, and replace the switch ASAP.


   Update Reply
BTD @ 29/11/2022 12:16  

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