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Server updates 17th April

Server updates 17th April - Forums [Biker Match] Server updates 17th April - Forums [Biker Match]
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Server updates 17th April

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Sorry folks but I'm gonna have to keep rebooting the servers today to apply updates.

I'll put the warning on top of every page of the site if a reboot is due soon.

So copy your messages before sending, then you can always resend them if it fails.

Thanks for your understanding


   Update Reply
Matt @ 17/04/2021 11:58  

Does this mean all those missing messages from gazillions of hot totties are going to flood in to my inbox?

   Update Reply
Cupid Stunt @ 17/04/2021 22:04  

Dreaming again Nicholas 😂

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 17/04/2021 22:08  

There's no way I'm taking the red pill 😉

   Update Reply
Cupid Stunt @ 18/04/2021 07:04  

lol Nick, I moved them to my inbox, sorry.

FYI: Updates continue today 20th April

   Update Reply
Matt @ 20/04/2021 09:26  

That's ok Matt. I knew there would be a good reason my Inbox isn't overflowing! 😆

   Update Reply
Cupid Stunt @ 20/04/2021 19:45  

Bump. Continuing today

   Update Reply
Matt @ 23/04/2021 07:54  

Wondered why my notifications started flying through like I was the most popular girl on the planet 😅🤣🤣

   Update Reply
BikerNess69 @ 23/04/2021 08:02  

Done for the day. Sorry for the inconvenience (and messages, princess lol)

   Update Reply
Matt @ 23/04/2021 16:08  

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