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Bitcoin payments available!

Bitcoin payments available! - Forums [Biker Match] Bitcoin payments available! - Forums [Biker Match]
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Bitcoin payments available!

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I finally figured it out :-D

After lots of request I finally added bitcoin as a payment option. No more need to pay by card or upload your personal details.

This is absolutely the way forward and I'm very excited about it. It's also my new preferred method of payment.

The first people who use the bitcoin option will receive an extra month of membership from me as a thank you.

All you have to do is click or scan the QR code then drop me a message.

Any questions about bitcoin or how it works, let me know below.

Thanks to everyone who supports the site during these strange covid times, it really helps.


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Matt @ 17/12/2020 14:15  

There will be a queue an inch long to pay by that method.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 17/12/2020 15:07  

lol maybe with you old farts on here indeed :-D
Some people want their privacy though and don't want to give out their real identity to us. Or just don't trust using their credit cards online.
Bitcoin works different than bank cards. It's a push-payment not a pull-payment. Makes it much safer.
So you don't give BM your card details or passwords etc etc, you just push the funds with a note attached. It takes seconds and your ID remains private.

There's a lot of changes coming in the coming year or two. Even central banks are creating their own digital currencies.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 17/12/2020 17:39  

Not sure if I want to split my bitcoin millions.....

   Update Reply
Strom67 @ 17/12/2020 18:40  

awww go on :-D There's a donate button at the bottom of every page too. Wish I had the money to be on the bitcoin bandwagon, daammmn it's gonna go to the moon the next few years

   Update Reply
Matt @ 17/12/2020 19:06  

So what is the offer Matt - circa 1000 years membership for 1 bitcoin? - dont think i will be around for that long lol

   Update Reply
Mister Pete - Optimist @ 17/12/2020 20:01  

Sure I'm ok with that :-D
Marsha said to me yesterday "who's going to pay with bitcoin when it costs 17 grand for 1?"
She didn't realise you can pay with fractions of bitcoins, down to 8 decimal places!
The smallest unit is £0.00017323 which you can't even get in physical fiat GBP


So what is the offer Matt - circa 1000 years membership for 1 bitcoin? - dont think i will be around for that long lol...

   Update Reply
Matt @ 18/12/2020 08:05  

Eh? Qué? What?
Is there a doctor in the house? 😕

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 18/12/2020 09:19  

I think the idea is do one of those fake bitcoin investments, lose your cash then have nothing left for membership subs?

   Update Reply
Strom67 @ 18/12/2020 11:25  

Bump. Please use bitcoin if possible. It saves on all the fees for the bank, Paypal etc.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 11/03/2021 15:41  

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