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Exporting a bike to the USA

Exporting a bike to the USA - Forums [Biker Match] Exporting a bike to the USA - Forums [Biker Match]
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Exporting a bike to the USA

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Hi there
Does anyone know of a good company in the Uk that will come and collect my brothers Thruxton Motorbike and dismantle / prepare it for shipping to his home in the USA ?
As I live near Brighton a local company would be preferred .
He has all the documents as it’s got American plates .
Any help with this would be appreciated !

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Deleted Member @ 17/10/2020 07:26  

I haven't used them personally, but I was bidding on an Ebay bike in Holland (Didn't win it, but I've now got a box of bits!😎) that used/recommended this company.

Chas was a 1st division m'cycle racer in my yoof, he's in Kent and specialises in bikes/international shipping it seems.

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invalid characters @ 17/10/2020 08:51  

Thank you so much . I will get in touch with him .. I’m really grateful for this help .

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Deleted Member @ 17/10/2020 11:32  

Don't know why I didn't think of this company before TBH, they picked up a (Largeish) painting for me and I "Know" the guy that owns the company (A good guy.).

They're in Crawley they ship anything to anywhere I think.

If they just do airfreight to the States, it'll be pricey though I would think.

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invalid characters @ 17/10/2020 13:17  

I've used Motofreight to ship my bike to Cape Town. They go worldwide. Just off M25. I think is web address. Kathy is very helpful.

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Dove @ 17/10/2020 23:50  

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