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Carry Things

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Carry Things

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What's the craziest thing that you have carried on a motorcycle years ago I rode about 70 miles with expansion chambers tied to me its a wonder that I did not have an accident looking back now

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póg mo thóin @ 05/10/2020 00:44  

When I was an apprentice (a lot of years ago) I used to tie ladders and wood to the side of my motorbike and put boxes on top of the tank and seat, don't think I'd get away with that now.
In recent times I've put new tyres over my head and let them rest around waist while riding, I can tell you it's not very comfortable with them wobbling around

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Bikeabill @ 05/10/2020 03:52  

A pillion, She was F**king mental

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Ragnar @ 05/10/2020 06:57  

a sunbeam S8 engine on the carrier of my A10, was a tricky ride home!!!

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rocker21 @ 05/10/2020 12:47  

a small bag of coal on my petrol tank

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jofknoll @ 05/10/2020 23:11  

Me and a friend fetched a 56lb bag of spuds for his mum, it was wedged between us.
That was on a RD200, the handling for the journey of about 6 miles was terrifying.

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Deleted Member @ 05/10/2020 23:32  

Sidecar,two ducks in a cage on my lap...covered in shit....
Solo bike, a feral grey kitten,Cali by name, down my leather jacket...scratched the crap out of me...too many tyres(or pairs) to remember..
Alloy stepladder on a CD175...:)

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jinx57 @ 07/10/2020 20:32  

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