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VFR800X Crossrunner

VFR800X Crossrunner - Forums [Biker Match] VFR800X Crossrunner - Forums [Biker Match]
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VFR800X Crossrunner

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Hi folks, with such a wide array of bikers on here... wonder if anyone has any experience of the Crossrunner?

It's currently top of my list for potential change, but struggling to find one to test ride (I'm told the VFR has actually been discontinued because it wont meet emissions regs come January 2021, making them scarce).

My main question is, to those who'd done a bit of riding on one, how does the vibration compare to other bikes you've ridden?

My current 800GSA is slowly murdering me due to nerve damage in my hands and neck. It's a horrificly vibey bike, and whilst I love it, there's just no overcoming the pain it causes after a couple hundred miles, so she has to go!

Any comments welcomed, TIA

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Deleted Member @ 27/07/2020 12:07  

Thats because its a twin, most are vibey. Try grip puppies on your grips, they absorb some of the vibrations. The V4 engine is smoother so you shouldnt suffer with it so much.

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Deleted Member @ 27/07/2020 22:39  

Strangely isn't as simple as that with the GS. The 800 engine is in several bikes (the 650 and the 700), just as the new 850 engine is also in the 750. The 800 and 850 are so much worse than the 650/700/750.

Personally not found grip puppies to be of any use, but appreciate the suggestion!

I think the VFR is turning into a pipe dream now anyway. They're more scarce than initially realised, there's not even a stock of them left apparently, so that's in the occasional dealership now is the last of them!

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Deleted Member @ 27/07/2020 22:48  

Plenty of second hand ones around if you search. The standard vfr800 is a nice bike and reliable, not so much a 1200, too heavy.

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Deleted Member @ 27/07/2020 22:53  

Second hand vfr I would go for 👍

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Deleted Member @ 27/07/2020 23:50  

I'm looking at similar type of bikes. I did consider Crossrunner, KTM 790 R, 850GS, Versys and V-Strom 650 XT and based on their weights, seat high, tank size and fuels consumption wherever I go the V-Strom remains as the strongest competitor. Also, as a reliable one and below 100g CO2.
My latest check was 850GS and it felt very heavy, while its bigger brother 1200 GS is not, now replaced by 1250 GS, raised the bar and came the same as V-Strom. Now only second hand comes with a lot additions as the similar price.
If I was more oriented towards the off-road riding, the KTM 790 R is without any doubts my first choice. But for more on the hard riding I think V-Strom is civilised enough. I didn't notice much vibration on the handlebar, maybe because I was only sitting on it with engine running but ... you may have different experience.

It is my main choice anyway for the replacement when I get my full A :) Well, Yes, I'm new here and to biking but I did some research and visited few dealers to get an idea of where I'm heading :)

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Igytom @ 31/07/2020 16:31  

Thanks for the reply Igytom :)

If I had £20k I'd be having a 1250GSA, no questions asked. Equally, if I did enough off road to warrant it, I'd be having an Africa Twin! But I don't have that kind of money in my pocket, and realistically not doing enough off roading to warrant the off road bike.

List was whittled down to the VFR800X, the new Tiger 900 Rally Pro, or the Tracer 900 GT. Right not the Tracer is in the lead, going to test ride with a view to buy this weekend, so we'll see how that goes!

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2020 16:24  

Wow, Tiger? It is not cheap either :) I guess on the budget and with fairly good range a V-Strom or new CB500X could be a nice choice. But anyway, as it was few days ago, what did you buy?

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Igytom @ 19/08/2020 23:16  

I test rode the Tracer 900 GT and wasn't a fan. Figured the Tiger 900 was probably a little out of budget at the present time!

Then test rode the 1250GS out of interest and fell in love! As said I don't have £20k in my pocket so a 1250GS isn't an option, so I'm now looking for a 3 year old 1200GS.!

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Deleted Member @ 24/08/2020 21:58  

Not being nosey but have you got a budget in mind? I have owned a few Gsa’s in the past. Understand that the 1250 is another step forward so stretching for the bike you really want could be the way to go. Of course, none of my business but genuinely, life is short and we all eventually have to give everything up, so enjoy the ‘ride’.

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carrek @ 25/08/2020 19:02  

I'd need to grow a foot in height to have a GSA :P

I'm looking probably around the £10-12K mark. There's a few about but most of them are as far south as you can get, and I'd rather wait than travel 300+ miles to go see a bike! I think the 1250 starts around the £16k mark? So don't see it being remotely affordable sadly. Given I'd want at least a TE model to have a decent year round touring spec.

Conscious that age/mileage will mean my finance option will likely need to be HP rather than PCP, don't have much cash to throw at a deposit, and don't think there's a great deal of equity in my 800GSA after the PCP on it is cleared, so restricts the budget a bit unfortunately! But, hence why I'm looking at the 1200 as a compromise, and who knows in 5yrs time I might be in a position to buy something brand new again.

However, I understand and appreciate the sentiment, it's exactly why I haven't settled for, for example, the Tracer (no disrespect to the bike it's just not for me). I'd not have been happy with it. The 1200 will be a nice compromise for now :)

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Deleted Member @ 26/08/2020 21:55  

Big thanks to everyone who's replied here or DM'd me with advice :) bought an R1200GS Rallye yesterday, the search is finally over! :)

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Deleted Member @ 20/09/2020 22:36  

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