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Scottish members

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Hey, new to this site/ forum. Kinda unsure how it works,
Is there many Scottish members and potentially Ride outs?

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Deleted Member @ 25/06/2020 08:18  

Hi Nikkis 1k and welcome to bm, if you contact Steve H he is up north and does a few ride outs camps and knows a lot of the northern members. Hope that helps jp

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JP @ 25/06/2020 08:22  

Thanks for that mate

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Deleted Member @ 25/06/2020 08:54  

Now then Nikki, yes I do arrange a few things, but whether anyone turns up is another matter.
I'm in Teesdale (near Barnard Castle) so we're not likely go be meeting up for a day ride but you're most likely in the right distance for any weekend camp type things.
Geography isn't JP's strong point (once he gets north of the M62 he gets a headache and has to go home), he assumes anything north of Brum just a generic North 😄
This year's C19 thing has pretty much buggered everything but we might hit lucky with something later in the year. There is a camp at Barmouth which is normally good, something at called Lower Lode that isnt showing on the events calendar yet but is also worth a go, I'll be doing both.
I might organise a camp at Dent (Cumbria) later in the year and there is a possibility Izzy will reorganise her May camp that was scuppered by C19.

All this is assuming your illustrious leader, The Tartan Terror, will let you lot out again!

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Steve_H @ 25/06/2020 17:19  

The Tartan Terror 😂
Or otherwise known as Jimmy Krankie

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yorkie mick @ 25/06/2020 22:36  

Hey from another Scottish member on the site. Joined a while back but haven't been on much since we all got locked indoors. Would be good if there were some Scottish ride outs there's quite a lot of members up here that I've seen so far.

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Deleted Member @ 27/06/2020 00:36  

Hi all. Dave here and thought I'd give this a try out.
Principally seeking some female company for day rides/companionship and, if click, might even buy you a beer! :-)
Yeah, I know I'm an old dude but frequently told I look nowhere near my age.
Lifelong biker and too many bikes over the years but big Kwaks for last 35.
No heavy agenda beyond easy company but not opposed to a proper relationship of some kind if got that lucky. Not holding my breath though.
Well educated and travelled, lived half my adult life overseas. Love to chat and see if there is any spark?

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Deleted Member @ 27/06/2020 11:36  

KittyZ, Izzy lives in your area so watch the events page & forum for something soon.
All of course subject to the whim of the Tartan Terror.

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Steve_H @ 27/06/2020 21:53  

Hi! Another Scot just joined, always looking for new friends for bike adventures 🏍💙

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Deleted Member @ 09/08/2020 16:05  

I'm Scottish, live in Cumbernauld and been riding since my first Honda SS50 in the long hot summer of 1976.
I outgrew my SS50 when I turned 17 though, and got a CB250G5.

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SteamBiker @ 10/08/2020 20:54  

Hi. Another Scot who just joined. I'm back from a Highland tour but always looking to get out when the weather is decent.

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Deleted Member @ 20/08/2020 14:32  

Try dropping izzyhill and/or dannyacer a message they are in Hamilton.

I'm sure they will be happy to hear from new members with a thirst for rideouts/meets etc.

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Lindsay @ 20/08/2020 17:59  

New member fae Leith says 'Oi Oi'

Anyone up for out before the summer ends?

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Crooozer @ 07/09/2020 04:02  

Hello! Just realised there was a forum for Scottish newbies after posting above..I'm in Fife looking out for some easy going company and maybe a pillion ride

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Deleted Member @ 11/10/2020 18:01  

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