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Technical Motorbike Help

Zzr600 2nd gear disengaging

Zzr600 2nd gear disengaging - Forums [Biker Match] Zzr600 2nd gear disengaging - Forums [Biker Match]
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Zzr600 2nd gear disengaging

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Anyone know why zzr600 keeps jumping out from 2nd gear all other gears work perfect but 2nd is a absolute no go ???

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Deleted Member @ 24/05/2020 19:51  

Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thinking maybe shifting star or drum or folks. From other forums getting impression this is common in the zzr🤦🏻‍♂️

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Deleted Member @ 24/05/2020 20:00  

I`ve read somewhere that it`s common too. May be down to bent or worn selector fork. Is this something that`s just occured or progressively got worse? Or have you only recently got the bike & found this problem?

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Wraith750 @ 24/05/2020 20:24  

Bike came with problem but I have 2 and other 1 is starting to go same 2

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Deleted Member @ 25/05/2020 03:28  

This is about 17 years ago so I can't remember the details accurately, can't even remember what model it was TBH, but it was a ZZR 600.
Have you got a manual with a gearbox drawing?

Had one in my workshop with exactly the same fault, obviously I was checking everything as it came apart but IMO the most likely was a bent selector and/or rounded gear dogs.

All checked out OK BUT there were 3 ball bearings inside one of (Probably.) the cogs I think.
It looked like their only purpose was making neutral easier to find and if they "Stuck" in a position that prevented the 'box going into 2nd............

Took a gamble and left them out on reassembly. No more problems! 😊

If you've got a drawing put it on your profile and I'm sure I'll remember when I see it.

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invalid characters @ 25/05/2020 09:15  

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