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Motorbike For sale

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Hi everybody. I'm advertising a bike sale, on behalf of my close friend.
See details below. If you view my profile and bike pic folder, I have inserted 2 photos of his bike there. If anybody is interested, then please message me, through my profile and I will arrange a possible viewing and meet for purchase.

Details: Kawasaki GTR, 1000, 1996, 53000 miles, with full Mot, heated grips, driving lights & Panniers,. Well maintained and looked after. Reason for selling, owner looking to buy a newer touring model.
Price £1250.00 no tyre kickers.

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yorkie mick @ 14/05/2020 13:16  

Anyone that's interested.
Just to let you know that the bike as now been sold.


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yorkie mick @ 16/05/2020 11:17  

Wow! That was a quick sale YM. Impressive 👍🏻

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Lindsay @ 16/05/2020 20:48  

It was indeed Lindsay. He lives next to a major A road and put it outside his house with a sale sign on it. Apparently he's done it before and it's worked.

So pretty much as he put it there, straight after people were locking on their brakes and then knocking on his door 😁

It was my idea to slot it on here as another angle of sale.

Anyway job done now 😁

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yorkie mick @ 17/05/2020 00:55  

I'm going to sell my bike too, it's going to be very hard to part with it, but I need to upgrade. So if anyone is interested in a 1979 BMW R100rs in original condition. Tax and MOT free, with lots of spare bits blah blah blah, look at my profile and go into my pictures of Ermintrude. (if you have the Motorworks 2020 callender, she's featured on the back page), shes the gold one

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Fink @ 17/05/2020 14:03  

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