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Jerky ride

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Jerky ride

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Hi bike people, I am experiencing a jerky ride on my vtx1300s, seems to happen when I hit 75mph or above, have to keep using hard shoulder till speed picks up again, hasn't happened in the mornings only seems to happen when I'm on the way home after work, anybody got any ideas what could be causing it,many thanks

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10chris46 @ 18/04/2020 08:53  

What do you mean by jerky , engine or stability

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Deleted Member @ 18/04/2020 11:14  

Sounds like fuel starvation, check any filters for blockage.

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Deleted Member @ 18/04/2020 13:17  

A friend had a similar problem and it turned out to be airlock in the tank from a blocked breather pipe
He took carbs off and cleaned new fuel filter new fuel pump new coils new plugs new fuel lines new inlet rubbers, he went through the whole shebang before finding the real culprit

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Deleted Member @ 19/04/2020 07:55  

Thank you everyone, I think we've found the culprit, when I took the air filter off there was a creamy coloured gunk,which I've been told is water mixing with the oil, possible head gasket

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10chris46 @ 19/04/2020 09:50  

Should be in the radiator too if thats the case, check inside the cap.

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Deleted Member @ 19/04/2020 10:36  

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