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Technical Motorbike Help

cbr600f4 throttle body

cbr600f4 throttle body - Forums [Biker Match] cbr600f4 throttle body - Forums [Biker Match]
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cbr600f4 throttle body

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Need to remove the throttle body but it's stuck, any suggestions as to how I can ease it off, clips all undone but bl@#&y thing won't move.

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Deleted Member @ 29/12/2019 12:55  

Just a thought If you have a coach bolt put it in a hammer drill so the thread is in the chuck and place the mushroom end against a bit of wood resting on the body and give it a spin on hammer so it gives it a good vibration and spry releasing fluid on the joint. No excessive pressure and it should get it moving

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JP @ 29/12/2019 16:03  

Hi, if its like my old Cbr900 there are 4 rubber clamps at the bottom to unscrew. once unscrewed it should "wiggle" then you just got to man handle it off

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Deleted Member @ 30/12/2019 15:59  

Same on mey Fireblades and my old bikes with rubber mounts they need a good pull to get them of

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Bikeabill @ 01/01/2020 23:45  

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