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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

2020 Events

2020 Events (6) - Forums [Biker Match] 2020 Events (6) - Forums [Biker Match]
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2020 Events

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I've got a topbox, I could use that. Then park the bike in Scroatsvill and leave the box unlocked 😈

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Steve_H @ 19/08/2020 08:13  

So next season should be

April. pilly day
May. Bank Holiday maybe Cornwall or Devon camp
June. South Wales camp and Bracan rally and barflys rally
August. Bank Holiday Barmouth camp and fwe rally
September. Lower lode camp
November. Hallowistmas party.

We will add the dates as soon as we have them.

   Update Reply
JP @ 19/08/2020 10:07  

I have made provisional booking at the Barns Camping site for next August Bank hol

   Update Reply
JP @ 21/08/2020 11:28  

Bring on 2021!
I mean, what could possibly go wrong.......... 🤔

   Update Reply
Cupid Stunt @ 21/08/2020 12:16  

Don't just don't lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 21/08/2020 12:28  

Considering doing Lower Lode earlier in the year, not sure ???

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 26/08/2020 16:18  

It's a bit late now it's already end of August

   Update Reply
JP @ 26/08/2020 16:21  

Sounds like a nice idea Jackie. What about the Lickme Hills? Nice views, plenty of space, good access from the M42

Considering doing a picnic in the park, bring your own grub, squat and chat.
What do folks think?...

   Update Reply
Declan @ 26/08/2020 18:27  

Lick me hills? 😳😳😳

   Update Reply
Cupid Stunt @ 26/08/2020 19:48  

Lickey hills. Not far from Lickey end and Bell end, real names.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 26/08/2020 19:52  


   Update Reply
Cupid Stunt @ 26/08/2020 20:45  

 Posts: 111       Pages: 6/6

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