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2019 GSXR reviews

2019 GSXR reviews - Forums [Biker Match] 2019 GSXR reviews - Forums [Biker Match]
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2019 GSXR reviews

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There are no real reviews on MCN or You Tube for the 2019 GSXR, lots for the GSXRR, but none for the GSXR.
Having just bought one, would like likeminded people to comment.
Basically the machine is an awesome rocket and is an amazing bike.

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Gsxr1966 @ 29/09/2019 09:02  

I took one out for a test ride for a day, and whilst it may be a fast bike I found it very uncomfortable and I did not like the riding position, just my personal opinion, I found the Z1000 SX much more comfortable, just as quick and more practical, so I bought one of them.
Each to their own I guess, comfort over a long distance is more important to me these days.
Not quite old enough for a Harley yet though 😂😂😂😂

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Tezza1958 @ 29/09/2019 09:17  

I'm a GSXR man, since the first 750 came out in 1985.

The new one is a stonking machine, but there's too much electronic crap on them nowadays, and as for what passes for an exhaust.......

I almost booked a track day while having a test bike a few weeks ago, but it pissed down instead so I didn't bother.

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Cornholio @ 29/09/2019 22:29  

I currently have the L1 Gsxr600 and have always bounced between both the GSXR600 and the R6 and love them both, but what I want to know is why cant the manufactures ever sort out the vibrations you get from the GSXR bars and foot pegs drives me nuts

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Deleted Member @ 01/10/2019 17:00  

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