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anybody else having trouble getting to events, was gonna add to one but keep getting error.

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Deleted Member @ 22/09/2019 19:35  

It was you who broke it! Deflecting your own guilt by pointing fingers elsewhere eh ?! Nice try Mr DA!!

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Lindsay @ 22/09/2019 20:04  

Don't tell him but I put a DA-man trip wire across the border 😉

You're ok though, access is clear for you😁

In all seriousness it would be great to see you (both!).

Next year I really must head North not managed it this year at all so far 😳 If we check dates etc at the beginning of the year it may be easier to organise.

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Lindsay @ 23/09/2019 09:16  

oops - sorry Lindsay but now it is working again - I ever so accidentally uloaded the pic of you admiring the "toy cupboard" in Jail (lol)

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Mister Pete - Optimist @ 23/09/2019 11:03  

Hahaha, 'accidentally on purpose' of course Mister Pete?!?! 😂

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 23/09/2019 15:27  

But of course :)

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Mister Pete - Optimist @ 23/09/2019 16:34  

here's hopin for winter sunshine

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Deleted Member @ 27/09/2019 16:08  

We always get "Winter Sunshine" here in Yorkshire, unfortunately it's usually in liquid form, by the bucket load!☔😂

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 28/09/2019 00:34  

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