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How often...??

How often...?? - Forums [Biker Match] How often...?? - Forums [Biker Match]
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How often...??

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How often do you get asked to remove your helmet when you go up to pay for fuel?
Local fuel station (Total) never asked me once in over 25 years...changed to ESSO 2 weeks ago,i went in today to pay for the bike i'd just filled up,and was asked to take my lid off....i'm standing there with £20 note in my
Do banknote forgers wear crash helmets..??Their loss,i'll go the extra mile to Tesco next time,ditto for filling up the car.:)

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jinx57 @ 25/07/2019 10:53  

So what would happen if you didn't take your lid off? Would he not serve you...?? Considering the petrol is already in your bike.... 😂 😂

   Update Reply
Lynn1584 @ 25/07/2019 12:17  

Most petrol stations wont let you draw fuel until you remove your lid.

   Update Reply
double six @ 25/07/2019 13:09  

Don't have a problem round here, never been asked to do it

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rocker21 @ 25/07/2019 13:28  

Nearly all Petrol Stations up here insist that you take your helmet off BEFORE you fuel up. The pumps aren't unlocked unless they can see your face. Same for payment. Nothing unusual. I suppose it's the mad, bad world we live in.

Too many petrol stations held up and staff traumatised by the aggression n violence they experience.

Take ya lid off, fill the bike, pay for fuel, put ya lid on and drive away. It's no big deal. If it's helping staff feel less worried then I can't see an issue.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 25/07/2019 19:31  

Lady behind till merely said "it's company policy",and yet two weeks ago,same lady had no problem when they were Total....seems to me it's geographical too...i experimented tonight at Tesco Stroud,no comment about lid when i went to pay..maybe they're just more trusting in Gloucestershire,but i usually fill up ,with lid on, wherever i go and don't get asked....wonder if i can find a lady who normally wears a burkha or veil to volunteer and see how far this goes...??

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 25/07/2019 20:22  

Jinx, I was thinking that myself, would they refuse to serve someone with their face covered, no matter what was covering it?! I'd like to know.
I always took my helmet off when I went to fuel up, too flipping hot with it on in the shop, always a queue.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 25/07/2019 22:20  

stick to your guns on this jinx unless you had a full face helmet as long as they can see your face thats all the cam needs they don ask for the removal of a Hijab.and you cant see a face in them i went through this with tesco and head office says you are asked but its not compulsory to remove open face

   Update Reply
dubs @ 25/07/2019 22:34  

I only wear full face lids,by choice,but discrimination of any sort is something that jars with me...:/

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 26/07/2019 05:58  

It's been happening for years up here. It's the accepted norm, some local shops do it too, not just petrol stations and supermarkets.

Can't see why it's an issue, it's not as if it takes hours to put it back on. 😂

With regards to discrimination, one rule for one, another for others. Yes it gets my goat too.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 26/07/2019 07:46  

Makes even less sense if you've already filled up.
Got told last year to take my helmet off before the pump was activated for the first time ever.
I had enough fuel to give him the finger and go elsewhere so.....

   Update Reply
invalid characters @ 26/07/2019 08:42  

I live near Dewsbury so a lot wear hijabs, so far I only use 1 garage and not been asked to remove my helmet and they are very polite and make a small conversation, usually about the weather.
I'd be miffed if I was told to remove it and they don't ask anyone else

   Update Reply
Jollyrambler @ 26/07/2019 09:23  

Well it looks like my answer has offended as my profile pic was changed because my face wasn't clear enough! Even though there are plenty out there with a very similar profile pic to mine!
Apologies if I offended! My forum days will go back to lurking

   Update Reply
Jollyrambler @ 26/07/2019 17:20  

I'll have to start using "George Clooney cuddling puppy" again i think,lol...and you're right J.R.,SO many people do exactly the same thing or even use no pictures,or just their bike...i've not been tempted to add animal ears and nose to mine yet,although that would probably be an improvement,lol

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 26/07/2019 18:05  

Hello JR
Some years ago now the members took a vote and the majority voted that all members should have a full face, clear to see, main pic on their profile. It's not to do with being offended. When BM first started it was just a dating site, the majority didn't want to correspond/ interact with a member who either has no pic or one where the face is obscured.

Same applies all these years later.

When uploading photos, to the main profile album, a reminder shows up stating what isn't acceptable.

You can add loads of pics in loads of different albums on your profile.

Please don't stop posting in the forum 🙂

Quote: Jollyrambler
Well it looks like my answer has offended as my profile pic was changed because my face wasn't clear enough! Even though there are plenty out there with a very similar profile pic to mine!
Apologies if I offended! My forum days will go back to lurking

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 26/07/2019 20:29  

I can understand that Sandi, but there seems to be little that'll stop people posting pic's of someone else, or using pic's that are 10/15 years old.

This should be on the what made you smile thread, got it on my news feed earlier:-

A male model wanted by police was so unhappy with his mugshot that he offered a more flattering selfie to help with the appeal.

   Update Reply
invalid characters @ 26/07/2019 22:24  

PS, I know what you thinking Sandi, but my pic' really was last year, and I am that handsome in real life.

Don't think I mentioned my inherent modesty in my profile though!😉

   Update Reply
invalid characters @ 26/07/2019 22:49  

I wouldn't mind but the pic I had up originally was from last month, the one that's up now is from 2013......I've not changed much, I'm still as beautiful 😂

   Update Reply
Jollyrambler @ 26/07/2019 23:46  

I remove my helmet automatically at the pumps, its probably a N Irish thing anyway with the bombs and stuff y'know we been having to ID ourselves to security cameras for years lol x

   Update Reply
Dee7 @ 27/07/2019 00:22  

LOL at I.C's post about the male model. 😂
Ah, so, you're a mind reader? I think your mind needs eye glasses 😉 👓

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 27/07/2019 08:36  

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