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What's going on?

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What's going on?

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Matt, have you been tidying up again? When I wanted to view a certain topic in the forums it took me to members profiles. It's driving me nuts

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Sandi @ 04/07/2019 19:45  

When I go to the home page to log out I get the map and all the site info but no icon to log out

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Sandi @ 04/07/2019 19:52  

I agreed this new look is horrible, can't find anywhere to log out and things have moved

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rocker21 @ 04/07/2019 21:17  

Don’t know if it helps but was having same problems but if you go to menu and my account you can log out from there

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Adams46 @ 04/07/2019 21:24  

Add your frustrations to the allusive ‘wish list’ 😡

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555byker @ 04/07/2019 23:29  

Jeez it's just taken me 5mins to get the page to load. Grrr!

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Sandi @ 05/07/2019 17:39  

Matt , now that , as usual you have fixed what was not broken , How about fixing it properly so that members can Log off the site ? ASAP PLEASE NOT HAPPY

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Quietman2 @ 05/07/2019 19:06  

You should see the word "ACCOUNT" in the top right hand corner, click that and there will be a drop down list, just click " LOG OUT" simple.

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Deleted Member @ 05/07/2019 19:49  

@ Yarg theory is good in practice more chance of Matt putting olg "LOG OFF" setting back So called "Clever mmmmman " that he is at times

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Quietman2 @ 05/07/2019 21:54  

When I log on and go to the forums tab it is unresponsive and takes longer than usual to load up 🤔

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yorkie mick @ 05/07/2019 23:06  

Qm2, moaning isnt going to work. It seems latest improvements arent improving for everyone. I would like to hear from apple users, are the tweeks working for them?

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Double six @ 05/07/2019 23:07  

Seems half of everyone's photos now hidden unless you pay as well. Sites going downhill fast i fear.

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Deleted Member @ 05/07/2019 23:16  

Dunk, it always used to be that photo galleries were private unless you were a full member which makes sense really. You cant expect full acces to a site without paying and leaving everyone who does cough up to shoulder the whole burden.

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Double six @ 05/07/2019 23:22  

Yorkie mick, I find chatroom tab lags when I access it initially, then it smoothes out after first entry, never used to have a lag, just annoying time warps occasionally.

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Double six @ 05/07/2019 23:24  

I was on here years ago, recently came back, never had private galleries back then.


Dunk, it always used to be that photo galleries were private unless you were a full member which makes sense really. You cant expect full acces to a site without paying and leaving everyone who does cough up to shoulder the whole burden.

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Deleted Member @ 05/07/2019 23:55  

I've been here a while as well and I know you couldn't access galleries unless you were paid up.

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Double six @ 06/07/2019 00:05  

Hey guys

Ok so a lot to cover here. I'll try to be brief.

Yes lots has changed over the past week. I've been working my socks off to improve things.

Triggered by a number of members saying it's not worth upgrading as everything they need on the site is available for free members.
I don't want to plaster the site in adverts just to pay the bills - so I made some changes to hopefully encourage some people to contribute.
One big change though is that standard members are now able to message anybody - even other standard members. Only 5 messages per day though. Before it was zero!

Yes I've decided to also cover half of photos on profiles and limit the search results to 2 pages max. If you want everything to be free go sell your soul to Facebook, I've given up caring about people who expect everything for nothing from me. I work my arse off day and night for 13 years running BM and haven't made a single penny out of it. Most of the time I'm putting my own cash into it to keep it online for you all. You're welcome!

Logout/Login form has been removed from the top spot because it was an ugly "welcome page" when new people come to the site for the first time. It's not what they want to see. So I moved it into the menus. BOTH menus now have login/logout and all the My Account submenu. It's a change in progress though and I'm still trying to think how to make it prettier - but my time is completely up this week and I'm shattered.

Chatroom lagging - don't know why that would be. It's not such a complex thing, unless you're on a slow phone which can't process the javascript fast enough. Dunno

If you find any page is unresponsive - just give it a few seconds and refresh. I've been making a lot of changes to core files which are shared by all pages. It could just be bad timing that I'm saving the new code at the very moment you try to load the page. Shit happens, sorry :-D

Please give me feedback in the other topic specially about the new changes to memberships and the upgrade process.

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Matt @ 06/07/2019 00:24  

It's difficult to get a balance Matt.

I primarily joined up here 2.5yrs ago for dating – hoping to find that elusive hippy biker chick to be happy with. Unfortunately that didn't happen, but I have met other people - guys and gals - who are now friends, so that has been good. And the occasional social events I've been to have been great too.

But earlier this year I also found a local bike group that I now ride out with a few times a week, and do more eventing with. I would have done more with other friends made on this site, but in the South and East things are very quiet, whilst the more northerly contingent are far more active. And whilst I love riding it can be a pain spending 4hrs getting to a place to spend half that time actually meeting and chatting, and then having another long ride back.

So though it's been a huge success attracting such a wide swathe of members from all over the UK, that also works against it too, as it's frustrating not to be able to interact more IRL – whether romantically or socially – with those people you like, but that are so far away.

And that I think (for me) is the reason why I decided not to renew again.
I love this place, but it teases me too much:)

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Deleted Member @ 06/07/2019 08:26  

Thanks for the info mate, really appreciate it and totally understand where you're coming from.

Any idea how I can fix it though? I know we don't have many members in Scotland for example also. But how can I get other areas of the country more active? It's really down to individual members.

Maybe you could post one of your weekly rides into the calendar for BMers to join, if your mates allow it? Everyone in your area will then get a private message that a ride-out is coming up. Or even just organising your own ride out. I honestly think that's what the site really needs - more experienced ride leaders.

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Matt @ 06/07/2019 10:27  

I cant see what the problem is, the site is just evolving and looks different in parts, just take a bit of time getting to know your way round it, its not difficult. If I can do it anyone can.

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Deleted Member @ 06/07/2019 13:07  

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