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Expired - no free messages?

Expired - no free messages? - Forums [Biker Match] Expired - no free messages? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Expired - no free messages?

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My paid memberships has now lapsed after a couple of years on year, not sure if I fully see the benefit except for unlimited messaging - which is something I've never really done apart from mainly chatting with chums.
The romance side of messaging was a tease, as the ones I do/did like live too far away:)

But speaking of messages, I thought that we got a certain amount of free ones as non-paying members?
But my account says that I've used up my free message limit - but I haven't sent a single pm for months, and then I was fully paid up?

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Deleted Member @ 22/06/2019 11:23  

I was on here years ago, eventually I couldn't post on here either.
I THINK the free messages are cumulative so even if you sent some messages before you paid, they count.

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invalid characters @ 22/06/2019 16:23  

Not sure if it still applies, but a non paying member can message a fully paid one. As long as the message they receive is kept and not deleted then the non payer can send more messages. Hope I explained that without being confusing 🥴
Best to contact Matt, the site owner, regarding this topic, or anything else to do with membership.

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Sandi @ 22/06/2019 17:48  

Hi mate
Just to confirm for everyone...

-Free messages are one-off. Once your account has more than that number of messages on then you cannot send more. Even if the messages were sent as a full member the site sees no difference.
-You can always reply to someone who is CURRENTLY a full member, as long as there's a conversation already going.

Panuno, as it's always a struggle to just keep the site going financially, running adverts and trying to bring new members in - what would convince you to continue to contribute to the site?

My dilemma is that the site needs funds to run, but if I make it 100% members-only then the activity on the site will drop. If I make it 100% for free then activity increases temporarily but the site will die because we can't bring in new members without adverts.

I genuinely cannot find the right balance. I also don't want to cover the site in spammy adverts which make it slow to use


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Matt @ 02/07/2019 14:09  

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