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wiring lights

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wiring lights

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Hello everyone , could really do with some help and support . Decided to buy some custom lights for my Guzzi v7 to replace the awful stock plastic ones . Managed to fit the indicators and they seem to work ok but am having big problems with the tail / brake light .
It's an LED light whereas the stock light is a bulb type . There are three wires going into the stock light , ( running , brake and ground ) . There are three wires coming from the new custom LED light , but different colours to the stock wires already on the bike . I thought it would be a simple case of joining up the three wires . Light came on but when I applied the brake light lever it went off again . Now having spent hours messing around and doing my head in , both the new LED and original light will not work and neither will the headlamp ! which I have not touched . The indicators all work . Pretty fed up . Can't use the bike . IT's brand new . Worried I have buggered something up and invalidated the warranty . Don't want to take it into the Moto Guzzi dealer and look a fool . Need a kind hearted mate to give me a hand , PLEASE .

I have bullet crimps , crimping tool , test light and other tools . Beer for you , cash payment , nice piece of cake , friend for life - you name it .

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Stu69 @ 27/05/2019 18:55  

Check the fuse for the lighing circuit.

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Cornholio @ 27/05/2019 19:15  

There are a few members around the London area so Im sure you will get some help

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JP @ 27/05/2019 19:18  

Don't LED lights need something else to go in line, can't think what it's called and that's my motorcycle knowledge done.
Sorry Stu

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Ragnar @ 27/05/2019 19:25  

Ragnar, you're on about a resistor fitted inline. Some LED lights come with one, most don't though.

Stu, if I still lived in London I'd have a look at it for you, but I moved a 100 miles away just over a month ago. Try and get the old lights working again before messing about with resistors. Check the fuse first, if that cures it then tackle the LED lights again. You probably haven't buggered anything, so don't beat yourself up over it.

   Update Reply
Cornholio @ 27/05/2019 20:25  

check they are 12v

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dubs @ 27/05/2019 21:07  

Thanks guys , I really appreciate your response . You may be right about that resistor , I will look into it and thanks Cornholio for your offer to help if you lived nearer . I have been off line for a short while so need to get back into getting out there and meeting up with folks . Good news is I passed my test last year so this bike is my lovely Guzzi 750 v7 . Been out for rides here and there and down to the coast several times , was hoping to do the Margate Meltdown today but of course - the issue with my lights ment I stayed at home . Do tend to beat myself up over things . Easy to forget that only short time ago I was on L plates and struggling , now I am getting bothered over lights !! but I have a big bike .

Cheers , all the best ,


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Stu69 @ 27/05/2019 21:21  

Stu69, this may help -

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Deleted Member @ 28/05/2019 10:07  

It is a long winded US talk you through everything u tube, but there are some useful bits in there. The trouble is at lot of LED lights come with no instructions or advice, just the units. The indicators will need a different flasher relay specifically for LED lights, plus the wire colours tend to be in line with American colours, where black is the Earth / Neutral /Negative /Common or Ground wire. If you could take some photos of what you have fitted and the connections you have made I may be able to help you out.

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Deleted Member @ 28/05/2019 10:17  

Thanks Simon , I have been watching lots of those u tube vids , they are pretty good but after awhile my brain gets a bit overloaded with info , those American guys do tend to over explain everything aswell . The indicators are standard bulb , only the rear light is LED . It looked so simple , just three wires to join up , I will plod on and hopefully get there in the end . I looked into the resistor business that Cornholio mentioned , it seems that if the LED is 12v as the battery is than it should run ok as it is without a resistor . I think the resistor is for lower voltage lights to prevent them blowing out or to stop LED indicators from ' hyper flashing ' When I get more time I will try and take some pics and put on my profile . Cheers all .

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Stu69 @ 28/05/2019 21:28  

Resistor only needed for LED indicators if the flash rate is wrong. Check light system fuse and replace with the same rated fuse if blown. Often find colours for LED stop/tail conversion is black=ground, red=stop, 3rd colour=tail. If you have 5 wires (possibly yellow and green), the extra 2 are for integral indicators (not legal for mot).

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Deleted Member @ 07/08/2019 21:54  

I have a new v7 special 3 and have converted the headlight to led without problems, going to do the stop,tail light next, very simple to do.

   Update Reply
rocker21 @ 08/08/2019 20:51  

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