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Time Differences

Time Differences - Forums [Biker Match] Time Differences - Forums [Biker Match]
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Time Differences

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Is it just my computer or is everyone getting this?
I looked at a post and the time it was posted was 11:47am however it was only 11:40am when I looked.
I then added a post and the post was showing it was posted 10 minutes later than the time it was.

PS. I not on about the time warp in the chat, so no need to say about that.

PPS, This was posted at 12:01pm

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Ragnar @ 20/04/2019 12:09  

I spotted a time difference a couple of weeks ago with one of my posts and on a message received but put it down to a 'blip'. Difference was around 10mins.

Perhaps the time machine is in need of a service Anyone got a hammer?

and to prove the point this was posted at 14:39

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Lindsay @ 20/04/2019 14:50  

That will be Brexit

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JP @ 20/04/2019 15:47  

Obviously the timings have been worked out by Dianne Abbott.

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Double six @ 20/04/2019 16:13  


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Lindsay @ 20/04/2019 16:17  

It can't be Brexit, The time is ahead and the politicians keep pulling us backwards on that one

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Ragnar @ 20/04/2019 16:17  

Could be D6, always under 10 minutes, if she takes her socks off we may have up to 20 minutes difference and if she is from Norfolk 22 minutes

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Ragnar @ 20/04/2019 16:22  

Sorry just saw this post.
I can't see any issue. All the servers are sync'd and the time is correct.
I just posted a new topic and it came up with the right time

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Matt @ 05/05/2019 11:10  

Found and fixed the problem! It's also why the site just died this morning.
One of the domain controllers was being updated from 2 time sources which were 15 minutes out of sync.
Screwed everything up.
Sorry! Fixed now and shouldn't happen again

   Update Reply
Matt @ 13/05/2019 11:12  

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