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I am recieving requests for subscriptions but paid for a year just before xmas..PLEASE respond as l messaged you about this two days ago..

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Deleted Member @ 25/02/2019 21:32  

Trev, send a message to brummie Jackie and also to site owner Matt, Jackie put a bit of pressure on, she is head mod.

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Double six @ 25/02/2019 22:47  

Hello Trev, I know you contacted Matt already but as it was the weekend maybe allow a little longer for your reply?
I've just renewed my membership and also encountered a glitch, I renewed for a year but it stated that my membership will expire in Feb 2019 🤣

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Sandi @ 26/02/2019 03:49  

Trev, You need to check to see how long you did subscription for. You may not have done it for the year but believe that you had and how did you send the message? I've checked the staff emails and there isn't one there from yourself.
I know someone else sent a message recently and nothing was there, I think there may be a problem there.
Sandy when you renew you membership it take a couple of hours for the system to update while the payment goes though, that's why the date is wrong and if you look now I'll bet you will see the correct date.

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Ragnar @ 26/02/2019 12:42  

Thanks for the info Ragnar. Yes, it updated shortly after. Whenever I send a query to Matt I can guarantee it sorts itself out before Matt has time to respond lol.

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Sandi @ 26/02/2019 13:02  

Kev, can you pm the details of your payment please, i can then get it sorted for you :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 26/02/2019 15:46  

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