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Bike shelters

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Bike shelters

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Looking at getting a bike shelter and would like people's opinions before I purchase owt.

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 20/01/2019 17:23  

have you got room to put one up and a good floor to put it on?

   Update Reply
dubs @ 20/01/2019 18:37  

I need to put a few slabs down, unfortunately my garden isnt that big so another shed is out of the equation

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 21/01/2019 10:57  

how about a lean too on shed you have?

   Update Reply
dubs @ 21/01/2019 14:35  

It needs to be portable so I can use it out the front of my house during the summer.

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 21/01/2019 18:20  

Have you seen these links smiler.
Hope am barking up the right tree, in understanding what your after 😁👍®-Quenched-Motorbike-Motorcycle-Waterproof/dp/B00EIHSOTA

   Update Reply
yorkie mick @ 23/01/2019 20:15  

Thanks Mick.
Exactly what im after, has anyone got one or had one and their opinion on them?

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 24/01/2019 10:42  

There is one on ebay for fifty quid..

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 24/01/2019 13:04  

These reviews Smiler, from the Amazon site.


   Update Reply
yorkie mick @ 24/01/2019 17:14  

I'm on my 2nd one. First was cheapest on ebay and lasted only 3 years before the canvas got crusty and started to crack, split and leak. Liberal coats of Fabsil waterproofing kept it going for 4th year just. Now invested in (only slightly more expensive) Storm Protector ( and it is in a different league. Can be locked shut. Cover is UV-resistant and 100% waterproof. Frameis rust-proof. Recommended.

   Update Reply
BAZ224 @ 24/01/2019 18:01  

Appreciate the links and opinions guys thank you. Looking at the ridehide and storm protector.

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 24/01/2019 21:00  

Just got myself a Storm Protector shelter. Now to move my baby out the front room and see how it goes over winter.
Thanks for the input guys.x

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 29/01/2019 13:45  

You cant put your bike outside in this weather unless your going to ride it to work everyday

   Update Reply
JP @ 29/01/2019 17:10  

That's why I've got the shelter and my heavy duty cover need space in my front room jp

   Update Reply
smiler 2964 @ 29/01/2019 17:18  

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