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Bikes I'm looking at

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Bikes I'm looking at

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Hi all I'm looking at 2 bikes tomorrow I have pictures of bikes in my profile under albums please look at pictures and leave your opinions on which you think I should buy. Cheers

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Deleted Member @ 04/01/2019 22:29  

If you,re just starting to learn then its the Honda, the other one is not a sensible bike to learn on. Otherwise its down to taste and experience.

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yarg @ 04/01/2019 22:35  

I'm with Yarg on this, the Honda for a learner bike every time. In the same bracket and worth considering is the Yamaha YBR125 which is also a well thought out capable learner bike.

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Deleted Member @ 04/01/2019 22:44  

Hi Ray
First welcome to the world of BM.
I will go with Yarg and Slow.
The CBF is a better bike by far to learn on, however if you like the custom styling Yamaha do a YBR custom that doesn't look to bad, but the build isn't up to the Honda standard.

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Ragnar @ 05/01/2019 08:45  

Did you buy a bike or are you still looking?

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Deleted Member @ 13/01/2019 09:37  

The bike I’m looking at own!! Thinking my god it could do with a wash....

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Deleted Member @ 13/01/2019 14:30  

I first rode a wee Honda years back but much preferred Yam for reliablity at the time ...the wee Honda always conked out on me, Yam never did, so purely personal reasons ;) I highly recommend the Yam YBR 125, very reliable bike indeed, it took/withstood me commuting 30 miles daily 5 days a week for almost 2 years (got new bike then) in ALL weathers with NO issues :) Mind you it was a second hand bike only 1 year old and in mint condition so perhaps keep that in mind if you get an older version... Hope you get something sorted soon.

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Dee7 @ 14/01/2019 00:20  

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