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Hoping that someone will be able to help or suggest someone who could help.

My daughter is having problems with wiring on her bike (Kawasaki Z1000) big stylee. The lights (indicators, tail light and headlights) keep dropping out. At first it seemed to be connection issues but now it appears to be something more. Having had this looked at previously and 'repaired' on two occasions it's now getting silly. She has also now started having problems with battery draining. I believe she has new battery.

Does anyone know of (or preferably can recommend) a reliable motorcycle electrics/wiring specialist in either the Nottingham or Leeds area please?

As her bike is her only form of transport, we need to get this sorted once and for all. She starts her new job tomorrow and it's further away from home in a relatively isolated location. So hopefully you can understand my anxiety.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Lindsay @ 23/10/2018 07:42  

Sounds like an earthing problem. But can't help with any contact info

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JP @ 23/10/2018 10:17  

Although I can't recommend anyone in that area. I sympathise, I hate wiring problems. I paid a local guy, who actually said he enjoyed doing it(small local bike care company).

I remember when I first rebuilt this Guzzi, the wiring is crap anyway, but a wiring diagram in Italian, AAAArgh! You can check a battery is charging by placing a meter across the terminals and monitoring the input while bike running. I also found that with important circuits, don't use the frame as earth(corrosion), but run a separate wire back to battery. Good Luck!

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Deleted Member @ 23/10/2018 12:08  

sorry Lindz, i know people down here but not up there, i do my own wiring, its not difficult if you start from scratch and have a diagram to start with, if not its not that difficult to work out what needs to be connected to what, on the really modern bikes not quite so simple with all the electronics on them, see if you can get a new harness for it and start again, sometimes it is quicker to rip it out and redo it than spend ages trying to fault find., it is possible it may be the switch gear thats got tired or corroded over the years , but without looking it is difficult to tell

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rocker21 @ 23/10/2018 12:31  

Type Ferret motorcycle wiring into Google.

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unzippacommando @ 23/10/2018 16:01  

I recommended Ferret as he covers the north of England, and he is very good at what he does. I am a motorcycle auto electrician, but I cover from South Wales to the south of England. If Ferret is too busy to help, let me know and I will see what I can do.

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unzippacommando @ 23/10/2018 16:10  

Could be a fuse issue, should be able to find wiring diagram that shows which fuse is for lights and what current rating it is.

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Deleted Member @ 23/10/2018 17:12  

As she wants to be hands bin, get her a workshop manual for her bike, they crave ceiling diagrams in then, best vines are Clymer if you can get it for hers

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TheSlasher @ 23/10/2018 18:22  

If the batteries draining , it could be the stator , or rectifier, you need to put tester on battery, iif it's new ,lights on and rev to 5000rpm , you should be getting around 14volts , if it' goes up and down while revving to 5000 , it could he stator or rectifier on the way out , clean up all earth's as well

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zx12r ninja 03 @ 23/10/2018 18:41  

Thanks for all the suggestions n information everyone. I will put it all in her hands n see where she wants to go from there.

You are all ⭐🌟🌠 👍

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Lindsay @ 23/10/2018 20:58  

i would check out rectifier

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dubs @ 24/10/2018 00:13  

If the machine is exposed to the elements it maybe a good idea to checkout the fuses. These can suffer some corrosion, remove them and clean the terminals, scraping/wire brushing the contact faces and re-assemble with some WD40. This is a fault l have come accross a few times and is an easy fix. Generally, with intermittent faults, it is a case of carefully checking all the connections and components in the system but if you have to pay a mechanic the costs can run away..Good luck !

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Deleted Member @ 26/10/2018 10:48  

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