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Motorcycle Racing

Weston Super Mare

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Weston Super Mare

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Catkins why are you not going this yr?

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dubs @ 19/10/2018 22:00  

im going was hoping to meet you but hey ho another time

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dubs @ 19/10/2018 22:11  

too far to go for a soda an orange lol

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dubs @ 19/10/2018 22:14  

not met talk a lot he on now i not got as much time as him i have to work lol

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dubs @ 19/10/2018 22:18  

do you know where they meet in weston?

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dubs @ 19/10/2018 22:20  

there norm is thats why i asked if you knew where they met not seen them yet but will look later ibetter get back to chat now take care have fun

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dubs @ 19/10/2018 22:26  

Hey glad you liked my pics Catkins, it was a fab weekend and it all went far to quickly!!

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Roughrider02 @ 22/10/2018 07:38  

Do they have to keep an eye on the tide Roughrider??

When I lived in Brissul, we used to ho Weston Super Mud lots and one sunny but chilly autumn day we saw people out swimming in sea and a lot of commotion.....

On further watching we realised their car was completely under the waves except fir the aerial!!! They got a tractor 🚜 and tried, unsuccessfully to pull it out but ropes kept coming off....... They had to wait til tide went back out....... Whoops.....!!!! They were far down the beach though and it comes in far there aswell as going out far lol

Fab piccies

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Deleted Member @ 22/10/2018 20:51  

Hi xSuzix! Well the tide comes in almost to the track but never came in far enough even when they had all the vans park on the beach, they had cones along a line where the tide came too n not to park beyondthemor else!!
Hey there is lots of super mud and there where lots of black mud in places and there where lots of bikes getting very stuck in itone in particular that thwy where having trouble getting out, yeah the tide does go out far there its the same as to where i live as the tide never comes in cause it go's out so far ha ha.
Hey glad you like the pics 😁

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Roughrider02 @ 22/10/2018 21:41  

Ah yes thsts weston for ya...... Big dollops of black goo hence we called it weston super mud teehee...

Awesome to live near the coast 😊

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Deleted Member @ 23/10/2018 19:21  

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