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LED spotlights

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LED spotlights

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Hi All, Ive recently fitted LED spotlights to my bike, and at first they worked perfectly, but now they’ve gone out of sink. When one flashes the other doesn’t. When one is on high beam the other is on dip. Anyone else experienced this and solved the problem?

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Prizefire @ 11/10/2018 08:52  

Hello, l fitted a couple of LED lights to my KLR with excellent results. It is very important to wire them through a relay, if you haven't that could well be the source of your problems. An independant fused live feed direct from the battery to the relay will avoid passing too much current through the switch terminals, you can get an appropriate relay from most motor factors, including Halfords & the one l purchased had a suggested wiring diagram. The lamps l fitted have transformed night riding and l would recommend them. Hope this helps ☺

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Deleted Member @ 11/10/2018 22:57  

LED Spot lights, should only be used in conjunction with the bikes high beam circuit, as their output is a circular beam and will blind oncoming traffic, Fog lights on the other hand have a flat top beam and can be used with the dip beam.
That said Prizefire, if you switch your lights separately you will be able to get them back in sync, I suspect that you will need to do this with just one. Interestingly, though these lights are sold in the UK, the use of the flashing option is I believe illegal, also they do not have a dip option just a low power option (most that is, especially the cheap ones, sub £200) and they will cause problems for oncoming traffic if used with the dip beam of the bike.

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thehairyone @ 13/10/2018 23:22  

Personally I would never use spot lights on the road with oncoming traffic, that last thing I want is someone driving towards me at a closing speed of 120mph to be dazzled.

For nightime endurace racing or offroad riding they make a lot of sense, but that's about it.

If you think adding extra lights to your bike will make you safer you are deluding yourself.

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Steve_H @ 14/10/2018 08:01  

Not so much deluded...more like unaware of the lost potential if not done thoughtfully.

I've fitted LED DRLs to my bike as extras. I know for sure they've helped me be more visible day and night.
Upgraded all of my original lights to LED / xenon for improved headlight distances.

Definitely helps to research what's out there first, before deciding what works best in each situation.

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nickscafe @ 18/10/2018 22:10  

Any additional lighting should really be wired to operate on high beam thus ensuring oncoming traffic is not dazzled-They can be wired independantly but this requires a dash mounted indicator lamp.The fitting of auxillery lighting to road vehicles is covered by road traffic laws which may bear sone research but common sense dictates the requirements.

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Deleted Member @ 26/10/2018 10:59  

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