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Bike cover advice please

Bike cover advice please - Forums [Biker Match] Bike cover advice please - Forums [Biker Match]
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Bike cover advice please

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Newbie here! I don't have a garage and have just bought a bike that fits through my alley way (Just!) So I can keep it in the garden. I have been looking at bike covers. My previous bike (kept at a neighbours) was under a fairly standard cover but tore in strong wind. Has anyone any advice please? I'm on a pretty tight budget and also in rented so cant do anything structurally. Looked at the 'Ride Hide' £140 on Amazon. Has anyone got one and what do you think? Thanks in advance!. Jayne

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Gingey @ 04/10/2018 18:42  

I have never had 1 but an old mate had a similar 1 that was very good apart from the local cats loved it I would fit a good ground anchor under it just for extra protection on you bike

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JP @ 04/10/2018 19:00  

Thank you JP!

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Gingey @ 04/10/2018 19:15  

Hi Gingey, you can find the same type of thing on eBay for as low as £110.
There are a few second-hand ones too. I've thought of getting one too as I have bikes both inside and out, I have just throw over ones on outside, there fine but not so good for really bad weather.

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Deleted Member @ 04/10/2018 20:51  

Thank you HD Lea! I'll take a look.

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Gingey @ 04/10/2018 21:29  

Ging, l am using an item from Argos-don't mock, it is okay.They are under thirty quid, waterproof with an elastic hook that goes under the bike & holds secure in most weather. In my experience covers get tatty and dirty pretty quick so a cheap cover, easily replaced is better than the more expensive ones. My current one gets used four days a week, with the bike parked up the whole time, lv'e had tbis one since March last year and no rips or tears...They are Well worth a look..

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Deleted Member @ 04/10/2018 22:26  

Hey Gingey
Just to add my thoughts...

The Oxford all weather covers I've been using have lasted less than a year - every year. The most recent shredded during storm Ali.

I've just found a heavy duty bike cover at Halfords for around £35 - which is the same price as the Oxfords.

It's stronger, bigger and heavier, so I'm hoping it gets me through the winter. has access holes to secure the rear wheel, too.
That's a big bonus. It'll stop the rear end from ballooning in a gusty wind when it's tied down at both ends.
With the usual strap under the middle of the bike, it's secured in 3 places.
Take a look. It's OK for the money you pay.

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nickscafe @ 04/10/2018 23:48  

Hi ging i use rubber pool liner it bit heavy bike never got wet never comes off in wind dont matter how bad weather is

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dubs @ 05/10/2018 06:57  

Hi, Oxford Stormex covers are well worth the money. You can take it from someone who lives on an ocean facing hill on the West coast of Scotland. Nothing beats a garage of course unfortunately.

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Likeclockwork @ 05/10/2018 07:53  

Hi Gingey, I can second what Likeclockwork says about the Oxford Stormex, my last bike was out every night in snow, wind, rain and ice, and on the coast of N.Ireland it never stops raining and bike was fine. Replaced it only once in 4 years due to neighbourhood brats cutting it. Anchor the cover down well though! (as someone else said above) x

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Lulu7 @ 05/10/2018 08:17  

Hi Gingey.
I have a Bike Hut, which is basically the same thing. Mine is a large size which holds 2 bikes.
It has its pros & cons.
It’s very easy to get your bike in & out, no faffing with tangled straps or covers.
The bike is well ventilated so if put away wet moisture isn’t trapped on the bike to cause corrosion.
However, it will need to be fixed down very well. Mine has been in 2 locations, once heavily tie wrapped to concrete fence posts down one side and anchored with a 25 litre water container on the other. It’s now bolted down to paving slabs.
Also, despite what the blurb says about being UV resistant, the covers do ‘rot’ in the sunlight. I’ve had mine 4 years and I had to replace the cover after 2. The second cover faded after 6 months and is starting to split. It is in the shade for 50% of the day.
Also the water proof PU coating on the underside wears off where the cover rubs on the frame in the wind and where it creases when you open / close it. After about a year water started getting through. Not a lot, just drips. I put a light weight cover on the bikes as well because of this.
Your welcome to take a look at mine if you want.

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Deleted Member @ 05/10/2018 13:18  

Thank you everyone for your advice. I've gone for an Oxford type cover at mo with straps, holes etc. Its thicker than my previpus one so fingers crossed! I've just ordered an anchor kit for security also. Thank you again all!

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Gingey @ 05/10/2018 19:03  

Glad you got sorted Gingey :)

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Lulu7 @ 05/10/2018 19:47  

Gingey, glad you got sorted & what a great response from all on here ☺

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Deleted Member @ 22/10/2018 17:15  

Trev took the words out of my mouth. 🙂
Nice thread 👍


Gingey, glad you got sorted & what a great response from all on here ☺

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Sandi @ 22/10/2018 20:44  

Hi Gingey.. You can find motorcycle covers in local motorcycle accessory shop. You can't predict quality of the product if you are buying it from ebay or Amazon but from local store you can actually visit multiple shops and compare quality of the product.

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Deleted Member @ 29/10/2018 09:33  

You could try Bike hut ....folds over with a frame .you can bolt it to the ground if you have concrete or slabs ....pretty durable for about 100 quid on eBay ....two person assembley ....I had a few over the years ....pretty pleased ....just updated this year ready for winter ....👍

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bigade @ 30/10/2018 07:28  

Bike home

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bigade @ 30/10/2018 07:29  

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