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I may not be a teen anymore and have been around bike scene many years and i'm also aware our view of things change somewhat. I'd just like to air my opinion on how the whole bike scene has changed. Not blowing my own trumpet here but i'm quite a chatty person and will try and encourage conversation amongst other riders. I've noticed an abundance of ignorant smug and egotistical bikers who ride all sorts of bikes. I for one ride a Harley amongst other brands and sick of the flack being dealt out I know it'll always persist and jokes about other bikes and riders. Whilst riding home from bike night from the Raven truck stop i was passed by several types of bikes who must of been going twice the speed and startled the living daylights out of me. Whether this gets read i really don't care, just needed to air my views. When you take a nodding into the equation, i've noticed regardless of the type of bike i'm riding a lack of returned nods, either they're blind folded, going too fast or just plain ignorant. Costs nothing to brighten somebody's day

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Deleted Member @ 14/09/2018 20:01  

I'm with you totally wolf . I may be new to riding but have always had a love of bikes and can certainly remember a time when most people who chose to ride a bike seemed like quite thoughtful , decent and down to earth kind of folk . Normally a bit different from the crowd , possibly viewed with some derision by more conservative , right wing types because of their taste in music , ( heavy metal ) , and there dress sense . But lovely characters and I am sure there are many of all ages still out there . Does seem though these days there are more spoilt rich kids on fast bikes who don't really fit into that old image of the biker . They sometimes seem a bit more like the conservative arsholes who once cut you up in their volvos but now they ride bikes . In my short time so far riding a bike I have had friendly nods from many bikers . I am only on a 125 at mo but it's real respect and does make you feel like an accepted member in something special and different . It feels good and puts a smile on your face . like you , I have also encountered some complete xankers .

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Stu69 @ 14/09/2018 21:46  

So sorry to hear this..... I know what you mean Wolf...... I'm do g lad I live on a boat coz it's like UK used to be in years gone by where everyone speaks to each other and when a boat passes we always chat...... I love it...... But yes it's something bikers need to keep doing...... Stick together...... Don't let the "man" divide and conquer...... Trouble is alot of people dont question the rules or the "man" anymore......

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xSuzix @ 14/09/2018 21:56  

Ditto what Cat says, I got plenty ignored when I rode my wee 125, I even had feckers (on bikes) tailgating me revving the throttles at me, my response was I just slowed down even more to wind 'em up further, waved and smiled at 'em too :) I stopped nodding at other bikers a few years back (unless they nod me first in which case I respond back) ;)

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Lulu7 @ 14/09/2018 22:29  

I think you'll find that most people that own a bike these days, spend more time in their car.
I could comment on the possibility of it being a German car...but you would be right to call me prejudice if I did.
It just seems that if I'm having to give any specific vehicle more space than others due to the 'killer nature' of the won't be built in Swindon.

I guess my own opinions on this go back to previous comments I've made about the cost of motorcycling.
It's an expensive hobby, these days.
Unfortunately, that kind of lifestyle attracts a different culture.
Those of us that grew up with parents and such that enjoyed - and endured - simpler pleasures, also shared their toolkits when machines broke down.
Thankfully, those folks who know the benefits of such comradeship, seem to have found their way here :)
If I pass you, I'll still be happy to nod first.

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nickscafe @ 15/09/2018 08:47  

I,ve noticed more now giving a full on wave rather than a nod which is perhaps nicer than a nod.
Least I think they were waving!

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Deleted Member @ 15/09/2018 09:16  

Sometimes I go all continental and stick a leg out....

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Deleted Member @ 15/09/2018 10:47  

Nod, wave, leg out- at least you know you've done the right thing and kept the spirit going. And if there's no return acknowledgement it's not going to kill you and it's their loss in the end, because to them a bike will only ever mean a toy and to us, a bike and biking means so much more.

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Gallowglass @ 15/09/2018 11:59  

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