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Whilst my 2yr old iPhones battery is probably past its best, accessing the site on the mobile (via Safari..) drains about 10% of the charge off in mere single figure minutes.
30 minutes almost flattens it.

FB, News, Beeb, Google, or elsewhere barely touch it.

Though I do appreciate that those places have a lot more time and money and people to throw at coding optimisation.

Has something changed recently? It never did this before...

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Deleted Member @ 05/09/2018 19:56  

Hello Panuno
I've been having difficulties too, but not the same one as you. My phone won't load pages unless I open them in chrome first 🤔
My phone is new.
Have you contacted Matt direct about your problem?

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Sandi @ 06/09/2018 09:21  

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