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BIKER ROMANCE: How to chat up biker chicks

BIKER ROMANCE: How to chat up biker chicks - Forums [Biker Match] BIKER ROMANCE: How to chat up biker chicks - Forums [Biker Match]
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BIKER ROMANCE: How to chat up biker chicks

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Sexism and 'truth' often wear the same cloak.

There are three alternative ways for a biker to communicate with a biker chick:

(a) In exactly the same way as he communicates with a man, or

(b) In a flattering manipulative way which plays to a woman’s vanity, sexuality, and desire to be needed. The woman is ‘played to’ in a manner which usually only a man does, or

(c) In what is usually the best possible way which is neither (a) nor (b) above.

Why should a biker communicate with a biker chick differently to how he communicates with a fellow male biker? Surely a pleasant, neutral, clear communication should work equally well with both sexes?

Up to a point yes, but there is an even better way of communicating with the opposite sex.

Each gender is in countless ways different, and whilst it is wrong to stereotype equally it is foolish to disregard gender behaviour patterns.

Verbal communication is in itself a basic exercise, but from the most primitive to the most sophisticated communicator verbal communication is usually loaded with white lies (sometimes simply by omission of relevant facts rather than commission) to other manipulative features ranging from tone of voice to careful choice of words, to emotional projection which manifests in various subtleties.

So what is different about female listeners?

In a nutshell women are usually much more intuitive than men, and most effortlessly cut through crud and manipulation unless they choose to pretend for fall for it.

As men internally smile at their presumed gullibility, women are secretly laughing perhaps thinking ‘he supposes that I’m believing this and falling for it!’ Whilst many are often taken in, on balance not so.

Men are far more likely to accept words at their face value without feeling the need to tune into to whoever it is speaking with them.

So, the ideal way to communicate with any biker chick is to first of all be clear as to what you can completely honestly convey free of manipulation, and then do exactly that with clarity and likewise with any (whenever needed) honest transparent explanation.

Each time she asks a question click yourself into your ‘completely honest and clear speaking mode’ free of innuendos.

Very soon biker chicks will trust your words without them routinely switching on their manipulation / interpretation / danger intuitive hyper-sensors. Men often sense such being switched on and then repeat themselves but by then the protection shields are up and they usually stay up a very long time.

Most women are quite disarmed by refreshing honesty and plain speaking.

Would it not be best for men to communicate in that manner with both sexes? Absolutely 'yes.' But initially at least most men would find such too much to handle - some men almost requiring a personality transplant.

Initially simply attempt to use this ‘completely open and honest’ technique with women and see how it goes.

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Deleted Member @ 09/08/2018 09:25  

An interesting post sir with thoughtful content but not much real 'direction' for biker chaps or chicks to follow:) This site is in itself difficult to comprehend as it is called biker 'match' yet includes those looking for mates or riding buddies. This goes for us 'chicks' as well as chaps. Most of my riding buddies are male that I have met through bike clubs etc and it is easy to establish face to face if someone wants riding pals, a bit of passion or a serious relationship. Having just rejoined this site after a 6 year absence I find myself in a conundrum as I feel the urge to 'nod' to anyone I view as I would nod to any fellow biker on the road - male or female. However, the danger is that if I nod to a gentleman on here he may see this as a suggestion of personal interest. If he then views my profile but does not nod back, there is a sense of rejection that would never happen on the road. I may be a bit of an old boiler and not everybody's cup of tea but my nods on the road are generally always returned. In the same way, if a gent nods at me on here and I nod back, what message is this sending or receiving? So the nods are an unknown quantity loaded with anxiety for me lol:) Messages on the other hand offer the opportunity for your point above - to be open and honest. So, don't be afraid to send a message but be very clear you would like to chat and find out a bit more or just meet up for a ride out and a bit of banter. I would feel much less anxious about chatting if someone is very clear from the start the nature of their potential interest. Last year I was the only female out of 17 bikers on a tour of France. There was no romantic involvement with any of them but I felt safe, appreciated and accepted as an equal member of the group. Great trip and great people. It would be nice to meet similar people on here too. Happy riding :)

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SusiPop @ 09/08/2018 22:02  

Why the need to chat up biker chicks?

Talk and act the same to everyone. And if theres a spark between you and some one i am sure they will let you know.


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Deleted Member @ 16/08/2018 15:43  

Hope you find that 'spark' once more Stuie.

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Lindsay @ 25/08/2018 07:41  

Good to (finally) hear that you found 'a spark' ... such a shame the other 'flame' wasn't out before you did so. Godspeed!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 17/09/2018 17:45  

Everything comes to he who waits!

   Update Reply
yarg @ 17/09/2018 18:50  

I fell asleep before I read all the first post yarg 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😋

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xSuzix @ 18/09/2018 19:40  

I have discovered today that sitting outside the Bassetts Pole with a choccie or outside a cafe with a cake seems to attract people to pass the time with you. Strangely both ladies today but not always the case. Or am i just a naturally chatty person ? One was abiker, one a school teacher lol

   Update Reply
VFR800AJ @ 11/10/2018 17:21  

Some of us ladies are both a biker and a teacher, VFR! I think bikers in general are chatty folk - hope you enjoyed the cake :)

   Update Reply
SusiPop @ 21/10/2018 00:37  

Coffee and Walnut Susi - what do you think lol ?

   Update Reply
VFR800AJ @ 05/11/2018 15:42  

Biker romance Australian style..
Bruce.."Gooday Sheila!!D'ya fancy a f*ck??"
Sheila.."Well Bruce,ya just talked me into it,ya silver-tongued b*stard!!"
Perhaps we should take a leaf from our Antipodean cousin's book?? ;)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 05/11/2018 19:39  

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