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Steve Mercer

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Steve Mercer

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Steve Mercer, 36, collided with a safety car during a qualifying race for the Isle of Man TT . The same day that fellow rider Dan Kneen died.

Steve was flown by air ambulance to Nobles Hospital on the island before being moved to Liverpool, having suffered a series of injuries to his pelvis, leg, ankle, heel, back, neck and voice box. He is also battling a brain injury, the extent of which is not clear.

Steve had surgery the morning after the incident which "went as well as the doctors could have hoped at this stage". However he remains in a critical condition.

Race organisers have launched an investigation into how the crash happened, while safety rules have also been changed to ensure races stop entirely whenever there is an incident on the course.

Steve's family set up a crowd funding page aiming to raise £5,000 to help his recovery, more than £8,000 has already been donated.

Steve's wife said: "No one can predict what the future holds for Steve, we just have to give it time but I for one want to be able to give him everything I can that he needs to aid his recovery or make him more comfortable. It means a great deal to all of us to know that so many people care so deeply about Steve’s progress and recovery."

There also plans to auction off a number of items to help boost fundraising efforts further.

Steve Mercer is a huge name in the sport, having recorded 16 top-20 finishes at the TT and lapping the course at some 129mph.

To donate to the

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Lindsay @ 11/06/2018 14:25  

Let's not forget about him.

"Steve had six hours of surgery on his leg and ankle today which didn't go as well as hoped due to dirt in the wound, however he is booked in for further surgery later this week to finish what they started."

"It's the first of many operations on his leg but they're confident they can mend it."

"He has been very up and down this last week and just as we think he's making progress he takes a few steps back but he has managed a few hours today and yesterday without his ventilator so it looks like we're finally taking a step in the right direction."

"He's still having problems with his temperature, which was up to 39 degrees yesterday."

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Eiron @ 17/06/2018 15:04  

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