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Tyre Repair kit

Tyre Repair kit - Forums [Biker Match] Tyre Repair kit - Forums [Biker Match]
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Tyre Repair kit

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Got caught by a sharp and nasty thing Sunday on the way back from Wales.
Many thanks to the kind hearted Car Driver who Gave me a tin of tyre weld it got me so far home.
So the question is any body recommend a road side repair kit.

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Deleted Member @ 22/05/2018 21:36  

Speak to Stuie. He always carries a kit with him it has got us out of trouble on a couple of occasions. As well as getting Floyd down to Quattford n home again a few weeks ago! Tis a magical thing methinks😉👍

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Lindsay @ 22/05/2018 21:50  

There are various kits around, I have an Oxford kit, with plugs and CO2 cannisters to pump up the tyre, I also have another kit not sure of the name but it is basically the same as the Oxford, its in a small case, so it stores under the seat.
They are relatively cheap, around £30, but worth their weight in gold at times.

And you are right Lindz, Tis a magical thing, lol

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Tezza1958 @ 22/05/2018 22:39  

I carry an air compressor. Most punctures are slow so pump it up do a few miles etc..not great but it will get you home ride steady etc..Aldi are selling a small example for £4.99 which fits in my tank bag side pocket and is always there. Useful when you don't have a puncture too..

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Deleted Member @ 22/05/2018 23:13  

Stop&go repair kit. These are the mushroom type and cannot come out of the tyre unlike the string ones. I repaired a 1day old tyre with one and 8000 mls later it still seals the hole.

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Vladamir @ 23/05/2018 16:25  

Anyone suggest a good can for my gen 1 Mille pls. It has an akro at the mo. Not sure if that's the best one or can do better . All ideas would be appreciated

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Deleted Member @ 24/05/2018 18:30  

Possibly some ideas and reviews here:


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yorkie mick @ 25/05/2018 19:22  

A small self-tapping screw. It worked for 10,000 miles on my car. :-)

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Eiron @ 26/05/2018 08:22  

ive used green slime from halfords... its supposed to be for push bikes looks like washing up liquid but its kept my back tyre on my vx up for at least 6 months but unlike tyre weld it dont go hard and stringy inside the tyre and a nightmare to clean on tyre change.....

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nellie @ 29/05/2018 00:37  

I've used grass before 😂😁 and not the smoking kind 😎

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yorkie mick @ 29/05/2018 23:39  

I use the stop and go kit. And carry a small compressor. I find the air man compressor reliable.

Used it more times than I care to remember during my 20 odd years as a courier. Also used on my 4x4's when I was competing with the off road stuff.

If it's a tubeless tyre that has tread no thicker than an inch it's a great piece of kit as long as the hole is no bigger than 5mm.

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Deleted Member @ 08/07/2018 23:10  

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