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Technical Motorbike Help

Danmoto exhaust

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Danmoto exhaust

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After help removing z650 exhaust and replacing it with danmoto exhaust. I know the theory ( but wouldn't mind a video to check), can't make a start as I can't undo the exhaust sensor 😥

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naomijr @ 11/05/2018 15:41  

Hammer and a bent screwdriver

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JP @ 11/05/2018 15:50  

I have a hammer, but no bent screw drivers, only straight ones

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naomijr @ 11/05/2018 15:54  

You must be using them wrong lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 11/05/2018 16:20  

On a serious note get some decent penetrating oil WD40 isn't penetrating oil it works but not that well. The best is Plus Gas keep putting around the threads and leave to work its way down then start by small turns back and forth slowly increasing the anticlockwise turn and keep adding the releasing agent this should stop it snapping off

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JP @ 11/05/2018 16:24  

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