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Caught in the act

Caught in the act - Forums [Biker Match] Caught in the act - Forums [Biker Match]
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Caught in the act

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Footage of vehicle thief who was caught red handed.


   Update Reply
yorkie mick @ 25/04/2018 23:44  

A real shame he was talking n walking!

Ya gotta love Jem Speed .. 😁👍
Motorcycles, Great food, Haircut/Beard Trim, Clothing, Tattoos, Micro Pub and a Vintage Shop! What's not to like?

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 26/04/2018 00:57  

Arrrrrrgh me arm, me leg, me arse, me elbow!!!! It ought to have been his fucking head hanging off the bike the fucking useless skaghead. I hope he got a good kicking at the station and I hope those who actually saw his face have been looking out for him to give him several kickings. Scumbag junkie bike thieving bastards deserve no less.

   Update Reply
double six @ 26/04/2018 01:29  

He'll sue the old bill now for making him have the crash.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 26/04/2018 06:58  

No doubt Rags.

   Update Reply
double six @ 26/04/2018 08:02  

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