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General Chat/Anything Goes

Today's "Classic", yesterday's Donkey?

Today's "Classic", yesterday's Donkey? - Forums [Biker Match] Today's "Classic", yesterday's Donkey? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Today's "Classic", yesterday's Donkey?

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This could be very controversial so let's keep this as a bit of banter and not get personal or start getting "Holier than thou!".

There were bikes (and the like) in the 50's, 60's, and 70's that you could literally get for nothing as hardly anyone wanted them, as many really were so bad. They are now opopping up all over, with prices for boxes of bits, and "barn finds" fetching silly money, and being restored and sold as "Classics".

Basing these bikes on the very dubious criteria of "Me and my mates wouldn't be seen dead on one!", let's get your thoughts?

I'll start the ball rolling with the BSA C15, Suzuki GT380 and any Royal Oilfield, sorry, Enfield, save for the 700 Constellation.

I'll now run and duck for cover!😜

Ahem! Is that an improper use of apostrophes in the title?

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NotPhilMitchell @ 23/04/2018 16:32  

Now then i have to challenge you here! I had quite a few Suzuki GT 380 and 550 n thought they were great bikes i loved them apart from them kept holing middle pistons! Also the C15 wer'nt so bad, well i would like to throw in another one a Honda CB500T what a horrible bike i loathed them!

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Roughrider02 @ 23/04/2018 18:31  

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