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Kawa Z1000SX

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Kawa Z1000SX

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Just wondering what the general opinion is on this bike as a sports tourer rather than a Sunday racer bike?
My ZX12R gave up the ghost last autumn and I have to get a new bike by spring, but I had been finding the ZX a bit heavy - literally as well as on fuel consumption (on a full tank I generally got no more than 110-120 miles). I'd like something a bit lighter with a longer range, maybe hard luggage, to make touring overseas more attractive.
The SX seems like a good option from all the reviews I've read on MCN and I could get a decent one for the money I have. The alternative I've been looking at is a Tiger Explorer, but that would have to be considerably older for the same price and it's obviously more Adventurer than ST.
I'm split at the moment, so any advice appreciated.

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CelticBiker @ 19/03/2018 11:26  

I looked at one with factory hard luggage and was impressed. But then I'm easily pleased. :-)

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Eiron @ 19/03/2018 16:15  

I’ve had a first generation Explorer for a while and done good distances on it solo and 2 up. It’s comfortable for 600 miles/ 14 hours in a day type of touring which is where I’m happy. Triumph panniers and Givi topbox give plenty of capacity for two up touring.
It handles well and the wide bars provide good control through twisties, trickling in traffic or in town. The throttle is soft and the engine is torquey but not revvy. It suits my style down to the ground but it’s not sporty. There’s no choice of modes on the early ones. The other factor is weight, it melts away once moving but it’s a lump to push around and I expect it is heavier than your zx12.

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Deleted Member @ 19/03/2018 18:25  

1000sx best all round st bike by far ..cant say a bad word about it and ive had a few bikes and still have a few too many

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stutts @ 19/03/2018 20:08  

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