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Not looking for anybody

Not looking for anybody - Forums [Biker Match] Not looking for anybody - Forums [Biker Match]
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Not looking for anybody

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So what the hell are you doing on here?
This site is for folk who want to meet up in person, whether that be as friends only, or possible dates.
I seriously think that the registration form should be given a rethink.
Delete membership for those who aren't looking for anyone, or warn them their application to join will be denied. MHO I think profiles should be vetted BEFORE the account is activated.
Rant over.

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Sandi @ 09/03/2018 08:34  

So people can't use the site to get info on events and other motorcycle related news just because they are not looking for a partner or friends.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 09/03/2018 10:18  

Obviously not and you cant use it for online chat either?

   Update Reply
yarg @ 09/03/2018 11:30  

You all should check your profiles and if not actually looking for a soulmate, change the 'seeking' field to 'friends' or 'nobody'. And maybe the search page should default to only display people who are looking for someone like you.
I did get a date on here once. It wouldn't have worked out as I couldn't keep up with her even on a much faster bike. :-(

   Update Reply
Eiron @ 09/03/2018 14:05  

It is a social site aswell as a dating site. 'not looking for anybody' does not mean they cannot be on the site. It just means they are not looking to date. If their membership is payed who is anyone to say they should not be on here?

   Update Reply
Serenhondacbr splodge @ 09/03/2018 16:56  

Exactly, and there are many who have become couples on here who are no longer looking but wish to stay in touch with friends made.

   Update Reply
yarg @ 09/03/2018 18:55  

To me the words 'not looking for anybody' means they're not interested in meeting up with anyone.
They don't state on their profile that they are looking for friends.
That is what I meant by what the hell are they doing on here.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 09/03/2018 21:26  

It's because they aren't "looking for anybody" they are actually "looking for a quick shag"

Perhaps profiles should reflect;

😀 Friends
💑 Love
👣 Sex

Sorry about the last emoticon nothing suitable! 😂

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 10/03/2018 08:09  

Lmao Lindsay thats a cracker. Top two for me

   Update Reply
Serenhondacbr splodge @ 10/03/2018 09:52  

Lindsay you could have put two lots of feet and a cigarette lol

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 10/03/2018 10:02  

I see what you're saying Sandi..... It's a weird option to have on there.... If you're in a relationship surely you don't mind making new friends...... Maybe they are psychos 🤡🤖💩....... 😵

   Update Reply
xSuzix @ 10/03/2018 17:24  

Lol Lindsay i couldn't have put it any better myself LMAO!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 11/03/2018 10:20  

My pleasure Mitzee! 😉

Good to see ya back btw

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 11/03/2018 21:22  

I've been on here ages and still not made it to one of your orgies!!


   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/03/2018 02:26  

Pmsl cornholio..... But gave you put.... Not looking for anybody 😂😂🤣🤣

   Update Reply
xSuzix @ 16/03/2018 20:56  

Thanks Lindsey

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/03/2018 13:29  

Linz, I have not looking for anyone on my profile and I'm still waiting for the quick shags to get in touch. Not a bloody one in 3 years.

   Update Reply
double six @ 18/03/2018 13:32  

I cant see your problem Sandi, They are not looking for anybody. Its not that hard to work out that they are just using the site for friendship not a relationship

   Update Reply
JP @ 18/03/2018 13:47  

Suzi, no but cos of work my time off normally coincides with sweet fa, there's nobody TO meet when I am about for any length of time cos nothing is going on. :-/

I'm 50 in a few months so it's about time I sacked work and retired to the sun. I'll be able to look back at all the abuse and smile cos I made it out alive. Though I'll probably die of boredom instead. pmsfl

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 20/03/2018 13:09  

Lol at 666 😂
Agree with JP. I'm happy to have 'not looking for anybody' on my profile because I'm just not. I don't have to give reasons or justify why I am on here when I'm a long-term member and a paying subscriber. If it bothers some people that much that some random stranger on here is not looking for anyone, just PM them and ask them 'why?' if you are so nosey. Better still, just pass on by their profile and get on with your day

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 23/03/2018 08:34  

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