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Attn Matt

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Attn Matt

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Hello Matt, just got home and paid again but it says this;

"Premium Account
You are a subscribed member until 20 February 2018."

Am I gonna get cut off tomorrow? I only just paid!! Or should that say 2019?


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Deleted Member @ 19/02/2018 15:13  

Chris, check that your payment has actually gone through from your bank as I too saw same message when I tried to subscribe at xmas. This site wouldn't accept my debit card and took the payment but refunded it back straightaway, then the message said subscribed 24 hours like yours did. I actually had to go into the old BM site to pay through PayPal. I think this has happened to another person too, just thought I'd mention as it sounds similar to when I paid at xmas x

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Deleted Member @ 19/02/2018 17:01  

Ok, thanks.

I checked the bank but it doesn't look like it's gone and come back, it says this in payment history "19/02/2018 Payment Made £36.50"

I'll see if Matt says it went through or not, the bank wasn't saying much. LOL

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Deleted Member @ 19/02/2018 17:36  

Hey guys
It's a temporary status while the payment is fully processed. After an our or so you will see it move to the correct end date once our servers get confirmation the payment is ok.

Next time feel free to drop me a private message as there was a good chance I'd miss this in the forums.

Thanks very much for continuing to support the club. It really helps.


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Matt @ 19/02/2018 19:53  

Yep, all sorted. Cheers Matt. Next time I'll PM you instead :-)

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Deleted Member @ 19/02/2018 23:03  

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