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Technical Motorbike Help

Handlebar weights

Handlebar weights - Forums [Biker Match] Handlebar weights - Forums [Biker Match]
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Handlebar weights

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On the way home the other day one of the handle bar weights fell off somewhere...Doh.
Is it still safe to ride on urban streets ?

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potters @ 15/02/2018 17:35  

Yes but get it put right asap they do lots of things but main one I think is anti vibration though the bars which will cause hand and wrist pain and dead fingers

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JP @ 15/02/2018 17:47  

Yep, quite safe, but you'll notice the vibration more. Plenty available aftermarket, either in your local dealer/accessory shop or online, like here:

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Deleted Member @ 15/02/2018 17:49  

Dont replace with lightweight racey ones. There heavy to absorb the vibrations.

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Deleted Member @ 15/02/2018 22:30  

A spot of loctite on the threads will help them stay with you, and all the anti vibe comments apply..

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Deleted Member @ 16/02/2018 12:41  

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